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TRON Lightcycle Power Run is coming to WDW
Jul 15, 7:31 PM by Auric
It was just announced today that the top ride from Shanghai Disneyland is coming to the Magic Kingdom in time for the parks 50th anniversary. The ride will side to the left of Space Mountain in a new area of the park.

Thanks to Inside The Magic for this video:

Talk About It Right Here On Tron-Sector

TRON Magic Bands for Walt Disney World
Jul 15, 6:12 PM by Auric
Walt Disney World has release a limited edition TRON Magic Band 2.0 for use at the Parks and the surrounding Resorts. It's great to see Disney showing TRON some love, and does this for shadow other news to come...

The Summer of '82
Aug 21, 10:00 AM by Auric
If we want to consider why TRON may have had a tough time with attendance in '82, this might be why... It was part of the greatest summer of movies in history...

Blade Runner
Conan The Barbarian
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
An Officer And A Gentleman
Pink Floyd: The Wall
The Road Warrior
Rocky III
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
The Thing

And that's not even the 'complete' list. What say you, Programs?

More Footage from Shanghai Disneyland
Jun 16, 12:35 PM by Auric

Tron Ride At Shanghai Disneyland
May 10, 10:48 AM by Auric

Tron 3 To Rez Up Soon
Mar 10, 7:33 PM by Auric

TRON Evolution and TRON 2.0 Now Available on Steam
Nov 5, 10:42 PM by TronFAQ

1982 TRON Soundtrack To Be Re-Released on Vinyl
Mar 19, 4:57 PM by BlueTronWarrior

Olivia Wilde Rockin' A Classic TRON T-Shirt in LA
Jan 9, 11:59 PM by BlueTronWarrior

New Video – Bruce Boxleitner & Cindy Morgan
Dec 24, 1:02 PM by BlueTronWarrior

TRON Reunion! See Bruce Boxleitner & Cindy Morgan!
Nov 13, 2:46 AM by BlueTronWarrior

Sep 16, 10:36 PM by BlueTronWarrior

New "Sheriff Style" TRON Light Cycle
Aug 1, 1:44 AM by BlueTronWarrior

TRON: UPRISING Compilation Reel by Alberto Mielgo
May 8, 4:16 AM by WorldOutWest

Light Cycle Attraction - Disneyland's Tomorrowland
Apr 9, 8:48 PM by BlueTronWarrior

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