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Cindy Morgan Passes
Jan 6, 6:21 PM by Auric
The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office confirmed the actress' passing in the area, but no further details about when she died or under what circumstances were immediately available.

TRON: Identify Trailer
Mar 14, 11:14 AM by Auric

TRON on Disney's Prop Culture
May 22, 11:35 AM by Auric
Episode 2 of the Disney+ program Prop Culture is all about TRON!

TRON Coaster at WDW Construction Update
May 17, 1:40 PM by Auric

TRON Lightcycle Power Run is coming to WDW
Jul 15, 7:31 PM by Auric

TRON Magic Bands for Walt Disney World
Jul 15, 6:12 PM by Auric

The Summer of '82
Aug 21, 10:00 AM by Auric

More Footage from Shanghai Disneyland
Jun 16, 12:35 PM by Auric

Tron Ride At Shanghai Disneyland
May 10, 10:48 AM by Auric

Tron 3 To Rez Up Soon
Mar 10, 7:33 PM by Auric

TRON Evolution and TRON 2.0 Now Available on Steam
Nov 5, 10:42 PM by TronFAQ

1982 TRON Soundtrack To Be Re-Released on Vinyl
Mar 19, 4:57 PM by BlueTronWarrior

Olivia Wilde Rockin' A Classic TRON T-Shirt in LA
Jan 9, 11:59 PM by BlueTronWarrior

New Video – Bruce Boxleitner & Cindy Morgan
Dec 24, 1:02 PM by BlueTronWarrior

TRON Reunion! See Bruce Boxleitner & Cindy Morgan!
Nov 13, 2:46 AM by BlueTronWarrior