February 2002 Tron-Sector Q&A with Cindy Morgan
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Submitted By: Esotek

The following Q&A was exchanged via email and phone conversations. If anyone has any questions for Cindy email Esotek@tron-sector.com.

Take us back a bit and give us some history. - Scott

"My given name was Cynthia Cichorski but nobody calls me Cynthia.
(Cindy changed her last name to Morgan after the Arthurian Morgan Le Fey.) I entered Northern Illinois University (I had just finished 4 years at an all girls Catholic school), because I was intimidated by IIT, the Illinois Institute of Technology. I qualified, but it was all guys, and I wasn't ready.

I stuttered a bit, and a speech class was recommended, I was a lousy speaker, but a pretty funny writer. My first speech was on the Assembly and Disassembly of your Average Squirt Gun. Mundane, but I stuck my nose in the script, got many laughs, and quite a nod from the professor, who recommended Communications as a major.
From that time I barely went to class. My high school had put me into an accelerated program, and many classes were skipped to work at two radio stations, (one commercial), and the campus TV station. That was three jobs and a full load of classes. From there, I move to Rockford after graduation."

You've done some modeling and TV commercials. Which commercials? - Scott

"The commercials were varied from salad dressing to Irish Spring soap. Remember the girl who said 'I like it too!'?"

How was working on Tron?

"It was alot of fun to do. It was great."

What was it like working on the Tron set? Was it anything like working with blue screen today?

"I remember, I came in one morning and said 'ok, what are we doing?' and they said, 'ok, you're on the Solar Sailer and you're crossing the Game Sea...' I said 'whoa, whoa, whoa, we're on the what and we're doing what?' They had pictures of what we were supposed to be on but all there really was is a black desk covered in, I think, felt. So, there was an empty desk covered in felt, completely black. They said 'You're running the ship'.. I said 'excuse me, there are no controls on this empty black desk'. They said 'You do whatever you think you should do to fly a ship and we'll put it in later'. So, all of that came out of looking at a black desk.

At one point we were looking down as we were crossing the Game Sea and Steven (Lisberger) said, 'wait a minute, you're all looking in different directions'. I said 'yea, we have no point of focus'. I suggested to get a Grip to take a roll of tape on a rope and drag it along so we can look at the same thing. So, we looked at a roll of tape just rolling along."

What was it like working with Steven (Lisberger)? - gl

"We got along wonderfully. Steven knew exactly what he wanted."

How did you meet Bruce Boxleitner?

"I met Bruce at the first cast reading for Tron. I had just come back from Florida. I was visiting my boyfriend who was working on a film called Porky's."

In the scene on the Solar Sailer (and only that scene), Yori is wearing the same type of helmet as the male programs. The rest of the time she is wearing the same skull cap as the rest of the female programs. Is there an "official" explanation for this (ie: maybe there was some footage that didn't make the final cut or something)? - Lew

"One day I got fed up with the skull cap and I said 'I'm wearing this' and grabbed a helmet and put it on. You see, the skull cap was glued to my head. They put a wire in it to make it look perfect, because they were doing close-ups, and I would blister. Then they would glue it to the blisters. I grabbed a helmet because I saw one sitting there, they had extras. I'm lucky it was on the Solar Sailer because it kindwhy do wife cheat on husband read here dating for married