Tron Memorable Quotes
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"I saw real-time animation for the first time, a little electronic beam going beep-beep-beep across a screen. To me it was living animation-I was thinking animation at the time. I had been studying computer graphics and was aware that the technology was making big leaps, both in the areas of producing small equipment that could be put in the home and of generating images. When I saw that crude little character in the Pong game, I realised that by melding the two ideas, I could use computers to tell a story about video games. It seemed like a natural marriage."

Steven Lisberger in Rolling Stone #376 (August 19th 1982)

"The medium is the message of this film."

Steven Lisberger

"A lot of the time we had no idea what kind of world we would be in. But Steven kept video games right on the set and if you were on a streak, people would gather around and he would postpone shooting. Then you'd pop right into the scene with this adrenaline buzz. I took the film seriously because I saw that it was breaking ground, as far as state-of-the-art special effects. That was the most exciting thing for me."

Jeff Bridges (Flynn/CLU)

"I took it out cause I was stupid. It was a mistake on my part and I realized it when I looked at it the other day on the laser disc. We all make mistakes."

Steven Lisberger's reply when asked why he didn't inlude the "Love Scene" in the film.

"What we've created has a completely new look. It's not an imitation of anything, and it's not often that you get to say that as an artist."

Jerry Rees (Computer image choreographer/ production storyboards/visual effects supervisor for TRON)

"Video games are preparing us for the future. We'd better get used to looking at those screens, because we're all going to be in there soon."

Jeff Bridges (Flynn/CLU)

"For objects simulated in a computer, there are no laws of physics. Each time you sit down to create a computer image, you are getting completely new rules for reality. That's what TRON is all about."

Richard Taylor (Triple I)

"TRON does more for humanizing technical developments than any film which will happen for a long time. That was my intent. Those people who are putting up barriers against technology are just missing the boat."

Steven Lisberger in Starlog #67.

"After the first screening, I was so embarrassed to see myself running around in spandex tights."

Bruce Boxleitner (Tron/Allan Bradley)
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