June 2003 Tron-Sector Q&A with Dan Shor (RAM)
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Submitted By: Esotek

June 2003 Q&A with Dan Shor (RAM).

Q: You looked to me like you were having the most fun with the character you were playing in Tron. What was your favorite aspect of Ram's character? What really brought him to life for you?

P.S. I sent you a fan letter when Tron first came out and you responded with an autographed pic. I still have it--thanks from the bottom of my
tron-fangirl heart!

A: I had an amazingly joyous time making Tron. The great part of being RAM was simply his sincere desire to be of assistence to others. He was sort like a Golden Retriever who's sole purpose in life is to please> He had unabashed and unconditional affection for Flynn and for Tron.

How long did it take you to learn that routine with the disk? To this day I can't master it. :-)

Movie magic. Even though I practiced with the disc at least eight hours a day for a full month and had grown up playing some Frizbee...there just happened to be a stunt person on the set... a Frizbee professional... or am I not supposed to reveal that. (EDIT: The Frizbee tricks were done by Sam Schatz - Esotek)

Your character “RAM” was one of my all time favorites. I saw him as being a crazy-go-lucky guy with a cause. What have other fans viewed your character as?

My parents thought he was handsome.

How did you get the part of RAM?

Peter Jurasik (Crom) and I were in a play in Los Angeles that I produced called The Sport Of My Mad Mother... we played two punk rock gangbangers named Fak and Cone. An actor friend of Peter's saw the play, recommended us to casting, and before you know it, we both auditioned and got the parts. Though Peter J. is now living out of state, he and I are still close friends.)

What did you think when you first saw the movie?

Overwhelmed and amazed.

What is your favorite scene in the movie and your favorite moment off screen during filming?

There was a scene, after I was blown up, when Jeff carries me into ship before I de-rez. Jeff and I just couldn't stop laughing. It took at least twenty takes. I still laugh when I see it, though it isn't a funny scene in the film.

How much fun was it in the making of Tron? Because you had mentioned in the 20th anniversary edition that it was play time during the movie. Did you and the other actors/actresses use a lot of your imaginations to bring the characters to life for the electronic world?

Yes and way yes.

Also from the 20th anniversary of tron you had mentioned that you loved the outfits that you wore during the production. So you still have yours from the movie for nostalgia sake? And does it still fit as well?

Yes I have the costume. And NO I cant get into it. Not even close. But twenty years and twenty pounds is pretty reasonable. O.k. I could lose a few, but don't rub it in.

Are there any scenes you remember doing that were cut from the final edit of the film?

No actually. But it was so long ago.

Were there any challenges your character presented to you as an actor?

Yes, It was so make believe. The world we were performing in just wasnt there. We had to use our imaginations and senses of play. However when you are playing with other actors who are having just as much fun as you are, the challenges are welcomed.

What was your first thoughts or feelings when they told you that you where playing in a film that takes place inside a computer world?

Cool... especially since at the time, PacMan was advanced computer visuals.