Tron Trivia
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Roger Allers, Director of the Lion King, also worked for Lisberger Studios on Animalympics and, for six months, was part of the storyboard team (the "Boston 18") for Tron.

Source: The Art of Tron.

Bonnie MacBird who co-wrote the story for TRON along with Steven Lisberger, married Dr. Alan Kay the man they say " best known for the idea of personal computing, the conception of the intimate laptop computer, and the inventions of the now ubiquitous overlapping-window interface and modern object-oriented programming." Alan Kay is also mentioned in The Art of Tron as being a member of the TRON crew.

Source: Confirmed through Bonnie MacBird.

The only reason the grid bugs are in the movie at all is because the game designers demanded it - or else the arcade game wouldn't make the premiere of the film. It was also the game makers that decided on who would be red and who would be blue because the movie crew was undecided and they had to finish the game.

Source: Keith Feinstein, President of The Electronics Conservancy.

Academy Award Nomination: Best Costume Design - Elois Jenssen, Rosanna Norton Academy Award Nomination: Best Sound - Michael Minkler , Bob Minkler , Lee Minkler , Jim LaRue.

Source: Internet Movie Database.

Tron: Diligence, Industry.

Source: The Tibetan-English-Dictionary of Buddhist Teaching & Practice

Chris Wedge, one of the principal animators for TRON is also director of CGI animation for Joe's Apartment and Nicktoons Opening for Nickelodeon.

Source: Blue Sky Directory

Bruce Boxleitner (Tron) auditioned for the part as the young Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

Source: Alternate Casting

Byron Werner, animator, artist, pioneer of the Lounge Movement, and Vinyl Anthropologist, served as assistant effects animator for TRON.

Source: Internet Movie Database and Byron Werner page at

de-rezz /dee-rez'/: [from `de-resolve' via the movie "Tron"] (also `derez') 1. /vi./ To disappear or dissolve; the image that goes with it is of an object breaking up into raster lines and static and then dissolving. Occasionally used of a person who seems to have suddenly `fuzzed out' mentally rather than physically. Usage: extremely silly, also rare. This verb was actually invented as fictional hacker jargon, and adopted in a spirit of irony by real hackers years after the fact. 2. /vt./ The Macintosh resource decompiler. On a Macintosh, many program structures (including the code itself) are managed in small segments of the program file known as `resources'; `Rez' and `DeRez' are a pair of utilities for compiling and decompiling resource files. Thus, decompiling a resource is `derezzing'. Usage: very common.

Source: The New Hackers Dictionary
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