August 2003 Tron-Sector Q&A With Cliff Kamida
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Submitted By: tronprogram

Question about music: Who is doing the score? Will a CD be released that contains the music used in the game?

Monolith Productions did the score for Tron 2.0, and Buena Vista Interactive licensed two Wendy Carlos songs from the original soundtrack that Monolith rearranged for use in the game, so fan will probably recognize some of the signature theme in the score.

As far as a CD of the game music, there are no current plans.

Question about possible TRON 2.0 goodies: Will an Art of TRON 2.0 book ever be released? I would love to see the concept art as well as renderings in a nice big lovely TRON book

Sorry, no current plans.

Was were the primary influences in deciding what the electronic world would look like now in the 21st century?

Obviously the film and work done by Syd Mead and Mobius were the primary influences. The artists at Monolith did a FANTASTIC job of evolving that look and putting their own stamp on it. I especially love what they did in the Internet hub.

Is there anything that truly interests you about Tron 2.0 that stands out compared to all the other games you have been involved with?

I think that almost everyone who worked on the game was a big Tron fan, and I think it shows in the game.

What is your proudest achievement with TRON 2.0?

That I still get along with everyone involved.

Are you pleased with the response the game has gotten this far?

Yes, very pleased. The fan community has been incredibly supportive, especially the good folks at, and its helpful that many game reviewers are Tron fans as well.

What are your responsibilities as a Senior Producer on 2.0?

Basically I oversee the production of the game from greenlight through launch. I work closely with the developer and all of the other departments within Buena Vista Interactive – Quality Assurance, Marketing, etc. - to help bring the game to market.

Why do you think Disney has decided to do something with the TRON franchise 20 years after the movie came out?

20 years ago, computers were still on the fringe of daily life. People used punchcards (remember those?). Today, computers have fully infiltrated our lives. Practically everyone knows what a user ID or a firewall is, and viruses make the headlines on a weekly basis. That makes Tron a lot more accessible and relevant.

Is there anything that came out in 2.0 that you weren’t 100% happy but didn’t have time to fix?

I should have listed my credit as Cliff H. Kamida instead of just Cliff Kamida to give props to my uncle .

Seriously, there are always things that you want to fix and don’t have time for.

Should you do another TRON game, would anyone like Steven Lisberger or Richard Taylor be involved in its development from the word go?

Steven and Richard have been very supportive of the game. I must say that I was nervous the first time I showed the game to them, but they were both very gracious with their comments and generous with their time. I think both of them are happy to see that something they did 20 years ago has influenced a new generation of gamers.

Were you a fan of TRON before you came onto the project?

Yes, although I must admit to being more a fan of the arcade games than the movie, probably because I was 19 when the movie came out. When I started at Disney, Tron was one of those properties that was always talked about but for one reason or another never got past the prototype stage. I feel extremely lucky to be associated with this game, since a LOT of people wanted to work on a Tron game andclick how many women cheat on their husbands click hereabortion rates open readclick here married woman wants cheat My wife cheated on mechlamydia gonorrhea treatment cure for chlamydia std free testing