Sebastien Clavet Interview
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TRON Questions for Sebastien:

1. What made you want to develop TRON into a comic book?

I am a die-hard fan of the movie. I saw it more times than I can count. Back in the glory days of the Commodore 64 my nickname was Flynn, I learned to program in BASIC because of that movie and all my little programs were in black and blue tones.

Now I have been given the tremendous opportunity to add a little of my vision (along with my wonderful creative team), in comic book form to the Tronverse. When Disney and I finalized everything I was thrilled, it was really a dream come true.

To tell you the truth, putting this book together has been a great honor and pretty frightening all at the same time. We want to be original and fresh but we don’t want to change things too much. Our goal is to stay true to the original vision the people behind Tron had, while bringing our own flavor to it.

2. How closely does the story for the comic tie into the story as told in TRON 2.0?

Our first four issue mini-series is set shortly after the events of the Tron 2.0 game. We don’t want to re-tell the game’s story, but we will be providing a small recap. Enough to bring people up to speed and hopefully get them interested in playing the game if they haven’t yet.

Subsequent issues will take us twenty years into the past to explore the original Tron universe and ultimately we’re going to tie them together in a few unexpected ways.

3. Is anyone from the original film crew involved creatively in the comic book?

I have been working very closely with Disney Publishing and Buena Vista Interactive (who made the Tron 2.0 game). Cliff Kamida at BVI and I have exchanged ideas for awhile now and he and everyone I’ve dealt with on this have been wonderful, really. I also recently had the privilege of being introduced to Steven Lisberger and we have kept in touch. I value his opinions on the things we’re doing a lot, and I feel lucky to be able to discuss Tron with the creator himself. It is a bit intimidating, but he’s extremely professional and laid back, so that helps.

4. Anything you can tell us about the story for the 2.0 comic book?

We’re going to be focusing on Jet, his newfound friends in the Digital World and the powers he has there (and how they contrast with his real life). The plot for the first for issues involves treachery, death, betrayal and revenge. Jet is going to get mature fast and realize that not everything in the world of the programs is fun and games.

We really want to avoid the “monster of the week” mentality and not every story will have a happy ending. We plan on concentrating more on Jet’s human side and the things he has to deal with in this new world, both good and bad. The stories will be action packed, but they’re not all about lightcycle races, they’ll have their fair share of drama and comedy as well.

5. Will there be any preview releases of the comic before it hits the stands?

The 12 page story, CHRONICLE will not be released in the near future, we delay it for later, we start with Derezzed : #1.

6. How did you come to select the team that you have put together to bring the TRON 2.0 comic to life?

Andrew, the writer, was already working for me on Ghostbusters, so it was a natural choice to get him on board since he was (and is) doing terrific work. I met Blond, the colorist, a few months ago and I can’t say enough good things about his work; fast, professional and very, very good. Gabe Bridwell, the penciller, was introduced to me by Andrew. Gabe did a few pin-ups and it was one of those rare occasions when you just know he’s perfect for the job. The inker is Chuck Gibson. He nailed what I wanted exactly. Everyone on the book is amazing and I’m lucky to be working with them.

7. After the 2.0 comic book is out there on the stands, will the TRON comic then become a monthly title straight away?

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