TRON-ish elements in TV, Movies and Games
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Submitted By: Esotek

If you know of a reference or similarity to Tron that is not listed here, email me the info and an image.


A product of TRON producer Donald Kushner, Automan was a TV series that began in December of 1983 and ended in April of 1984 after only 13 episodes.

"Automan - a holographic image who starts life as a character in a computer game and ends up as Los Angeles Police Department's greatest asset in their fight against crime. Starring Chuck Wagner as Automan." Source: Automan Episode Guide.

Freakazoid! - TV

A young computer wiz named Dexter Douglas was surfing the Internet when suddenly he finds himself being sucked into the computer and transformed into Freakazoid!, a kind of cyber super hero. Oddly enough, the voice for Freakazoid's arch nemesis, The Lobe, was done by David Warner. This was a great cartoon with lots of cultural references.

The Simpsons - TV

In episode "Treehouse of Horror VI", Homer steps into another dimension-the world of 3D. This episode is parody of a Twilight Zone episode.

Written by Scary John Swartzwelder, Steve Tombkins and David S. Cohen. Original airdate in N.A.: 30-Oct-95.

Homer talks TRON


Reboot, the Canadian born CGI series from Mainframe Entertainment centers around a story where the "inhabitants" of a computer (Mainframe) fight against the resident viruses (Megabyte and Hexidecimal). Every so often the User begins a game which some citizens of Mainframe find themselves a part of. lA character named Bob, sent to Mainframe from the Super Computer, is a Guardian who protects Mainframe by playing in the games and winning against the User. The graphics are amazing. This show is very well done and is highly recommended. When I contacted Mainframe and asked if anyone was influenced by Tron, part of the reply which came from the Director of Communications was:

"Well, the reply from some of the more senior animators is that Tron was a huge influence on them."

Savior Of The Earth - Video

This video goes beyond being inspired by TRON or referring to it, it basically takes elements directly from the film including the discs and especially Sark's costume. The voice overs and some sound effects remind me of Speed Racer. From the look of the cover, ET, or something that looks alot like his kind makes an appearance. I havn't seen the entire video so I can't comment on all of it, however, if you're interested in seeing a clip, download the final disc battle scene in MPG format.

Savior Of The Earth MPG - 3.3 MB

From the back cover: "Dr Butler wants to control man's behaviour with his computer. Using the "ULTRA ENERGY" he has discovered he throws the world's computer network into chaos. As more and more countries become affected by this evil genius a World Summit is called and a plan to capture him is put into operation. Dr. Kim, Sheila and Keith are entrusted with this mission but thier troubles are just beginning. Our heroes enter a strange and deadly electronic world and begin to play THE DEATH GAME."

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