New TRON: UPRISING Animated TV Series Footage
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Submitted By: WorldOutWest

Here's new and exciting footage from the upcoming TRON: UPRISING TV animated series -- currently set to debut on Disney's X D channel in April 2012 -- featuring TRON (Bruce Boxleitner), Beck (Elijah Wood), and Mara (Mandy Moore).

The highly stylized animation looks incredible -- making for a perfect setting to explore the fantasy/sci-fi world of TRON in. It's ironic and fitting that TRON is finally getting the animated treatment -- as the original 1982 TRON movie was first conceived and planned as an animated feature film.

This footage comes to us from a new Disney X D "Coming in 2012" reel -- which showcases upcoming series that will soon be making their debut on the channel, as well as new episodes for previous series:

New series:

- Ultimate Spiderman
- Motorcity
- Lab Rats

New episodes of:

- Kickin' it
- Pair of Kings
- Kick Buttowski

- Jay West

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