TRON: UPRISING Marathon on Disney 8/9/12
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Submitted By: WorldOutWest

On Thursday, August 9th -- Disney's X D channel will run a marathon of "TRON: Uprising" featuring every episode that has premiered so far.

The line-up is as follows:

Thursday, August 9 (all times ET/PT)


"TRON: Uprising, Beck’s Beginning" (airs commercial free)


"TRON: Uprising" The Renegade Pt. 1


"TRON: Uprising" The Renegade Pt. 2


"TRON: Uprising" Blackout


"TRON: Uprising" Identity


"TRON: Uprising" Isolated


"TRON: Uprising" Price of Power

The Disney X D website has also launched a brand-new fast paced multi-level game
"Grid Rush" where players must race across The Grid as Beck while avoiding General Tesler's forces.

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