TRON: UPRISING Soundtrack To Be Released On 1/8/13
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Submitted By: BlueTronWarrior

Hot on the heels of the exciting news regarding TRON 3's development, a soundtrack for the TRON: UPRISING animated series, which I first reported as coming soon here -- has now been officially announced!

It will consist of 20 tracks from the series, as composed by Joe Trapanese. Trapanese collaborated with Daft Punk on their fantastic TRON: LEGACY soundtrack, and then went on to infuse his own incredible music style in creating the soundtrack for the world of TRON: UPRISING.

The album will be available on January 8, 2013 via's MP3 music downloads -- and will come with a digital booklet PDF.

Click here to see the entire track listing on

** 12/20/12 Update: Click here to listen to an exclusive preview of the album via The Hollywood Reporter. The soundtrack is now also available for pre-order via iTunes.

- Jay West

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