Garrett Hedlund aka Sam Flynn Back for TRON 3
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Submitted By: BlueTronWarrior

I recently posted news on the current development of TRON 3 which entailed screenwriter Jesse Wigutow (Eragon, Peter and the Starcatchers) being brought on to helm the latest version of the script.

Now, Next Movie reports actor Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) has confirmed he will indeed be making a return trip to "The Grid" in TRON 3 -- reprising the role he originated in TRON: LEGACY as Kevin Flynn's (Jeff Bridges') son.

It's highly likely that actor Cillian Murphy (The Dark Knight films, In Time) will also return for a more substantial role in TRON 3 -- as he was introduced briefly as Edward Dillinger, Jr. in TRON: LEGACY -- the son of Kevin Flynn's nemesis (actor David Warner) in the original TRON movie. Murphy's Dillinger character could potentially serve as a major antagonist to Hedlund's Flynn.

- Jay West
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