Light Cycle Attraction - Disneyland's Tomorrowland
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Submitted By: BlueTronWarrior

I've always thought the unused PeopleMover track in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in Anaheim, California would be perfect for a TRON-themed, light cycle ride -- a fantastic synergy of the futuristic/sci-fi themed land and the iconic, cinematic light cycles -- which are virtually identifiable worldwide. As such, it'd make sense as an attraction with a universal draw.

Now, MiceAge is reporting there's a strong likelihood of this coming to be in the near future.

MiceAge says: " -- while attention turns to Tomorrowland. Borrowing a new ride system and theme to be used in Shanghai’s Tomorrowland, the second project in the pipeline for Anaheim is a Tron themed speeder bike ride using much of the old People Mover route. This is an idea that has been thrown around in the past, but in recent months it’s gained serious steam and is quickly nearing a green light from Burbank."

Disneyland's Tomorrowland previously hosted a high speed ride -- Rocket Rods -- using the PeopleMover's tracks from May 1998 to April 2001. That ride, though very popular and highly entertaining, was short-lived because all the necessary changes to sustain them vs. the previous, easy going/slow moving cars of the PeopleMover weren't implemented. The original PeopleMover ride ran from July 1967 to August 1995.

This wouldn't be the PeopleMover's first encounter with a TRON theme. When the original TRON movie first opened in 1982, riders were able to enter "The World of TRON" via the PeopleMover when passing through an enclosed area of the Innoventions building, where imagery from the film played on two large screens that surrounded riders. A humorous bit about that, before entering, the booming voice of the MCP (Master Control Program) interrupted the other pleasant sounding ride music when entering -- warning riders that they had: "…. invaded the electronic realm of the Master Computer Program…" and to "…prepare for the Game Grid of TRON!". Of course, the name of TRON's villain in the movie is actually the Master Control Program -- a change made most likely to inform uninitiated riders that this tied into the computer realm.

- Jay West

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