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 Oh man this isn't happening...

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Oh man this isn't happening...

on Wednesday, March, 05, 2003 3:47 AM only thinks it's happening.

I've been "let go" from my work. I guess I pushed the management just a little too far with my comments about the customers I work with and they had it with me. I thought the last comment I made on the database was pretty innocent but that was enough for them. Thank the User that I was able to get another job, but if you think I was thin in my posting earlier you ain't seen nothing yet. I have a job with a mortgage company looking over loan documents and making sure they're correct and then inputting them into the computer. I can forget having the Internet to browse while working. Oh well. -_- I should be able to make ends meet, though, so that's something. Now I just hope that after the three months they either bring me on permanently or I can take my experience from there and go to a better job. We shall see. Wish me luck and I'll be online when I can!

Come on, you scuzzy data, be in there.


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Re: Oh man this isn't happening...

on Wednesday, March, 05, 2003 12:25 PM
Aww Scuzzy!!

That sucks! Best of luck at your new job tho Hopefully all will work out for the best.


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Re: Oh man this isn't happening...

on Wednesday, March, 05, 2003 12:53 PM
Yes, good luck, Scuzzy! And come back when you can!!!


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Re: Oh man this isn't happening...

on Wednesday, March, 05, 2003 4:55 PM
Good luck.

It sounds like you've already had good luck if you had a job waiting for you. In this economic climate, that's borderline miracle status.

Yea, but I'd recommend to you and anyone that right here and now, do you level best to take the good with the bad in your jobs since we that have one at all are doing pretty good. I concider myself lucky as all get-out because I really like my job, but since times have been hard, I haven't got a raise since I started there 2 years ago. Some may think that unforgivable and stupid for me to not quit, but when the hugest corporations are implimenting hiring freezes and like American Airlines even has a raise freeze itself, that's message enough that it's not all that bad for me, when especially the entire category of my line of work has been eliminated from the help-wanted ads in the paper.

It's rough out there right now, so keep our standards in check until we're in as much demand as we think we should be.

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Re: Oh man this isn't happening...

on Wednesday, March, 05, 2003 5:23 PM
That your lucky stars Scuzzy. We'll be waiting around here for you when you can get online dude. I know its hard. I'm going through some retraining myself since I also am out of a job as well. I'm going into programming and all that. So I shall see by the time I get back onto the work force over here Up in Canada. I wish you the highest priority of luck Scuzzy.

P.S. I know you can do it there big. We're rootin for you.

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Re: Oh man this isn't happening...

on Wednesday, March, 05, 2003 7:11 PM
I was very lucky to be able to find a website design job.(Heck, I've been on the job for three days and my boss is impressed with my work already! )

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 Oh man this isn't happening...
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