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Cobra Commander

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Tron Maps for Games.

on Tuesday, May, 06, 2003 3:10 AM
Hello. Ive been playing Half Life now since it came out. Yes,
outdated engine, I know heh.

Any ways, I only play Tfc (Team Fortress Classic) mod for it.
I've been in the process of making some maps for this mod,
and wanted to know if anyone else was/has/ or planning on
making a map as well. But not just for Tfc, but any mod for Half

If you are, please reply, I would love to work with someone on
a map, for any mod.

I know theres a few Q3 maps out there, and the obvious
Unreal maps. But like I said, Im going for any kind of Half Life

If you ask why Half Life, well simple. Its the only game in
which I can honestly say I still enjoy. Sure Q3 is nice, but
the gameplay it just not as smooth. Unrealy is very nice, so
far probably the best visuals. I have pretty much every popular
game out there, but Half Life still has a strong hold!

Ok sorry for that little rant.

Any ways, if you got any kind of Tron related map, model,
anything, for any game, please reply!

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 Tron Maps for Games.