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on Wednesday, August, 18, 2004 4:47 PM
Hi, I've decided I am going to go ahead and create a Tron RPG. Its gonna be set in the time of the MCP (because I personally feel that, it would be the most interesting time line).

You can have 2 characters (user/Program)

the reason I am posting is because I am not sure on how I should handle Light cycles, Tanks, Recodnizers ect. If you all have any ideas please feel free to post them here. YOU WILL GET CREDIT!

if you would like to check out my previous work goto


Thanks for you time

Looking forward to hearing from you

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on Wednesday, August, 18, 2004 8:26 PM
Wonderful! Will it be entirely text based, or? Just curious what the presentation will be like.

For text based, I must say I haven't played any since the 80s, but my favorite has always been "Zyll." Played it on the IBM PC Jr. Ever played it? It was fun.

You can probably download it from the net from somewhere to check it out. For the time, and even nowadays (tho I haven't played any for years), it's always been my favorite for text games because of its gameplay. You could play two players, side-by-side, on the same keyboard, and do cooperative real-time journeys. I loved the bright green font it would sometimes use, too. It was amazing for 1984 or whenever it came out. The real-time aspect was great.

The evil sorcerer Zyll has destroyed your homeland using the evil black orb. You have been transported to a distant land to recover the black orb, and at least 4 treasures. If you succeed, you can restore your homeland to its former glory. If you fail, all is lost! A real-time, 1 or 2-player (cooperative or competitive) text adventure, with 3 different types of characters: Warrior, Thief, and Wizard.

Sorry, back to the subject at hand. I'll assume your RPG would be text-based? ...

* For lightcycle matches, you could calculate experience points and any power-ups one has acquired, as well as factor in some random variables, and have it automatically calculate the winner of the match. Give an exciting (but not announcer-voice cheesy) 5 or 10 second play-by-play, then mention the winner. Gain experience, character traits or special items by winning.

* For Recognizers -- have them randomly appear over the RPG mesa, searching for you and other rogue programs. To escape, have a character stat related to stealth and try to escape. Have different scenarios for if you get caught. Interrogation by the MCP; thrown into lightcycle match, disc match, or other game; thrown into prison (holding bin?) and meet up with/team up with other characters. If we get ahold of one, allow us to fly them around. Maybe perform some tasks. In the Tron paperback novel, I just read that the upside-down "U" shape was wide enough to hold maybe 10 tanks. (Or maybe it was fewer, but you get the idea.) Hmm, makes me think we should go haul some tanks around ;o)

Of course, would love to meet up with Ram, Crom and Tron in the RPG world somehow. Hang out at the peaceful, tranquil pure energy source pool. The more detail you can include from the movie, the better, in my book

* For Tanks -- Allow us to drive them around. Maybe have special tasks that need to be performed. Special missions. Escapes to different sectors. Have escape sequences where we're in lightcycles and need to escape the tanks.

* Have breaks (i.e., cutscenes) in the action so we know what other stories are developing in the rest of the system, maybe?

Oh well, I could go on and on, but none of this is probably new to you. Many things are taken from the movie, of course. Hopefully something here was original.

Good luck, program!

I'm getting out of here right now, and you guys are invited. -----^

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on Saturday, August, 21, 2004 8:59 AM
I'm not sure if this will help or not but you cn always look at my RPG *Points to link in the sig* You may get some good ideas (the setting for that RPG is just a little after Tron 2.0)


What should I put here today?

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on Thursday, December, 16, 2010 8:00 AM
You might want to check out the AWESOME conversion that was done for Cinematic Unisystem. The Tron RPG can be found at:
I'd freaking LOVE to play in a Tron pen and paper RPG game over Skype or something like that.


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on Tuesday, January, 04, 2011 9:04 AM
i just shelled out for realmcrafter and ive been doing this same project wanna join forces? PM meabortion pills online abortion questions cytotec abortion


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on Friday, January, 21, 2011 1:59 AM
So what has become of laphtiya's RPG? It would be interesting to hear more of it, it's sounds like it could be a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon with my fiancee :-)

Zac in NZ

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on Wednesday, February, 09, 2011 12:34 AM
I know this is old.. But I too am making a Tron RPG...

I am using the Program RPG MAKER VX

I love what I do.. and What I do Loves me
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