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DJ Aussie E.

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R-Blade Race

on Monday, October, 25, 2004 4:45 PM
Well, I just decided to host and participate in a rollerblade race here. 250 km racetrack, four laps, and ROLLERBLADES ONLY.

Other rules:
No gravity enchancing subroutines.
1 millisecond must ALWAYS equal 1 millisecond. Thus, no time distorting subroutines.
Turbo Boost is the only legal Speed Augmentation.
No weapons. However, you can attack by Turbo Boosting into an opponent.
The racetrack has been set to Read Only. The landscape cannot be changed.
There are energy pick-ups. These provide instantanious energy charge of rand[1-8]*5.

RBlade.vhl special code:

tboost(duration) = 5 microcycle
tboost(energy.cost) = 25 energy
tboost(speed) = stat(speed)*1.5

After enough racers (I'm racing too) have joined, I'll start.

Blue Hero Kid

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Re: R-Blade Race

on Thursday, November, 25, 2004 12:40 PM
I accept the rules, DJ. Now, get your R-Blades ready. The race's 'bout to start shortly.abortion pills online cytotec abortion
Go ahead. Click this link.

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Re: R-Blade Race

on Saturday, September, 30, 2006 9:28 PM
*Gets ready*

Now I know I'm reviving a very old thread but it looks fun so i'm in on this.

*Gets Populator.exe launcher out and fires at the middle of the track,suddenly programs show up in stands and start cheering*

*Puts on Silver r-blades with small jets at the back of them*

Disk:Prepare to lose!

Click here for a picture of air!

Click here for an Awesome picture of TRON!!!

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