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on Thursday, December, 09, 2004 7:07 PM
it was summer 2005 josh.exe's user,josh was witgh his friends.they to take a tour of encom,josh always had his gameboy with him so if he got board he would have some thing to do.jet bradley was thier tour guide,then they visted the digitizing bay and thats when josh plugged his gameboy into cpu then he was struck by the digitizing beam.when he got there he was in the game domain,then there was an port so he went through it.he was on a game grid,but not just any game grid a MARIO themed game grid there was even mario music(super mario brothers theme-techno)."may the best player win." then suddenly he was on a light cycle,DEREZ went the blue team,DERZ went the yellow team,the he had won then suddenly he was back in the lab...................

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