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Re: Bye Bye Disney

on Thursday, December, 30, 2004 10:42 PM
Redrain, thank you. I appreciate that protectiveness. You guys are all great.

However, I think the questions are valid and I owe him a reply.

1. So do you know if they ever planned a patch/update/expansion/ etc?

Yes. There was a plan at one time for an Expansion pack, but the game stiffed in sales. Had it brought in more money, BVG would have made an add-on or second title. One suggestion was to go back and redo the first movie in the game engine.

There will never be an expansion pack for TRON, or a patch, or anything else for the PC simply due to numbers. No money, no extras.

Having said that, let me share my opinions on why it didn't sell.

1. They (BVG) don't really get TRON. Monolith did and built a beautiful game, but BVG Marketing didn't understand it at all and awareness of the game was limited to the fan community and gaming magazines. There were opportunities to put TRON trailers in front of Disney films, never done. The teaser demo on the DVD was too vague about what TRON:Killer App was going to be. Everyone went with sequel film and there was a backlash of a sort when it became clear it was a game, a lot of people wrote it off early. The biggest Marketing pushes anyone saw was the two wall murals in New York and LA (bad ideas) and a bunch of girls appearing in baby-doll t-shirts in LA area malls handing out demos to horny teen boys who were only interested in tits and not TRON. Having collected a lot of the magazines the game appeared in, I can say that the gaming community was not interested in TRON. They were the ones that got the biggest push, and they avoided it for the most part. Best reveiwed game nobody was playing.

2. Fans are not important. Fans are a 'sure thing' and not who your marketing is aimed after. OK, I can buy that, but how about mobilizing the fan base? Instead of opportunistic marketing when Disney screened the film at the El Capitan, why not set up screenings in big cities and promote both the film and the game? When the Nuart in LA showed the film, the only BVG people at the screening were me, Richard Taylor and one of my testers. If we had had demos we would have been killed by fans trying to get ahold of them. Hundreds of fans.

Finally, BVG doesn't really care about the fans. We are idiots to be fleeced for dollars. How do you get those stupid fans to pay for something? They look down on us. You wouldn't believe all of the insensitive comments some of the people at BVG have made not only about me, but about you, the fans.

3. Placement in stores. I love the people in our Sales department. Three of the greatest women I know are in that group. They work hard to do good things. However, it does not escape me that BVG games are never in stores. I have been to dozens of local stores in LA when all of the TRON titles have come out, and frankly, we are not on the shelves! I have yet to physically lay eyes on a copy of TRON GBA in a store, Xbox too (and it's not due to massive sales!). Our old crappy catalog titles are there, but not our big titles. Why? Don't get me started on why Disney stores don't sell Disney products! People can't buy the freaking games if there are no copies available for them to buy. I hear this echoed from across the country by all of you.

2. Now that your out , Are there any game tech stuff we as modders can use to our advantage to make better maps/fix bugs etc?

Sadly, no. I don't have any of that material.

3. Do you know if the official folks there actually looked/played some of our custom maps etc?

The QA team looked at your maps, and we enjoyed them for a while, and then the needs of new games pull us away from that. I can't speak for anyone else.

I think it was hilarious how all the maps went to fan sites because of the incredibly oppressive rules on uploading maps to the official site. Talk about doing in your own game!

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