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Tron 1.5 Script

on Wednesday, July, 06, 2005 5:51 PM
I will be posting the script for me and Tony.ROM's fan movie, Tron 1.5.

Part 1:

A lightcycle duel takes place on an old OS. Macintosh. The two winning programs in the yellow cycles step out and walk off the grid. Tony.ROM comes racing out onto the grid to one of the winning programs.

Hikaru.EXE: What's my record now?

Tony.ROM: It's amazing!!! 452 games won!!!

Hikaru.EXE: Are you serious?! You're user must be dying to win a game!

Snes9x over intercom: Excellent job programs. Return to Bunker.56 to save.

Meanwhile in the real world...

Hikaru: Maybe my program installation is to tough.

Tony: Yea. But I'll get it one day...

Teresa: Your mom says that it's time to go now.

Hikaru: Later.

Tony: Later.

Hikaru's computer...

Norton.AVI: Some Oem's have entered the computer. Administrator's settings prohibit Oems.

Norton.AVI on intercom: Attention Oem's! If you do not move to the nearest exit port and return to your original server, prepare to face immediate derresolution.

A moment of silence...

Norton.AVI: Derezz them...

Windows: Attack reformat. Target: Norton.AVI.

Norton.AVI: But, Windows? Why?

Windows: The personal settings have been changed Norton.AVI. Oem's are allowed. You are a malfunctioning program. You also have one message from MCP(2):

MCP(2): You disapoint me. I thought I could trust you. It's too bad I will have to derrezz you because of your betrayal. I still haven't figured out why you decided to go into hiding. Anyway prepare for derrezzolution, Sark.

(End Of Line)

Norton.AVI: Noo!!! Not Sark... Not Sark. No...

The ENCOM server...

MCP(2): I'm so glad Dillenger checkpointed me daily. Luckily I won't be having any more User problems. Now I must find a new right hand program. iexplorer.exe, find me a program to replace Sark's functions.

(End of Line)

iexplorer.exe: Affirmative MCP(2).

Tony's OS. Macintosh...

two days later...

Tony.ROM: Hikaru.EXE! You've been selected in an online competition for best automated Gamebot.

Hikaru.EXE: Woh... I didn't expect to get this far as being programmed only last week in the user world.

Tony.ROM: I'm surprised too!.

Snes9x: Hikaru.EXE. The exit port is ready for you. Tony.ROM, Get back to work!

Tony.ROM: Give me a break! I'm going with him!

Snes9x: Who else is supposed to run the game grid?

Tony.ROM: Use the old Roms!!!

Snes9x: Oh crud...

Tony.ROM: Sometimes that Snes9x can be such a pain!

Hikaru.EXE: Your telling me.

The internet...

Hosting User: Gamebots Kane.EXE, Prophet.EXE, get ready for Lightcycle battle#1!

Next contesetants battleing... Hikaru.EXE and March.EXE! Get ready!!!

Tony.ROM: Your next!!!

Hikaru.EXE: I can't wait!!!

Hosting User: The lightcycle race is over already. Kane.EXE is the winner!!!

Hikaru.EXE! March.EXE! Report to the game grid immediately!

iexplorer.EXE watches the whole lightcycle race.


Hikaru.EXE step off the gamegrid.

iexplorer.EXE: Hikaru.EXE, you are requested by the MCP(2).

Hikaru.EXE: The MCP(2)?! Okay.


Tony.ROM: Hikaru.EXE has been gone quite a while...

Hosting User: Hikaru.EXE, report to the game grid immediately!

Tony.ROM: Oh no...

Tony.ROM: HIKARU.EXE!!! HIKARU.EXE!!! HIKARU.EXE!!! Where could he be?

Tony.ROM spots Searcher.EXE.

Tony.ROM: Searcher.EXE, hi. Could you locate Hikaru.EXE?

Searcher.EXE: Hikaru.EXE has been transfered to the MCP(2).

Tony.ROM: Oh no... Doesn't he know who the MCP(2) is? I got to help him!order abortion pill abortion pill buy online where to buy abortion pill


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Re: Tron 1.5 Script

on Wednesday, July, 06, 2005 6:00 PM
Part 2:

The ENCOM server...

iexplorer.EXE: This is the ENCOM server.

Points to the MCP(2)'s tower.

iexplorer.EXE: That is the MCP(2)'s tower. There, the MCP(2) awaits you.

On the way to the MCP(2)'s tower...

An Oem is running down the street with important stolen data...

Hikaru.EXE holds out a digital grenade and the Oem takes it by accident, derezzing in the explosion.

The MCP(2)'s tower...

MCP(2): Welcome Hikaru.EXE.

Hikaru.EXE: Greetings MCP(2). Why have you brought me here?

MCP(2): I have selected you to replace SARK's functions. SARK betrayed me. He fled to your user's computer. Why, I do not know. I shall now give you your functions. If you refuse, you shall be derezzed. Do you refuse?

Hikaru.EXE: Why me?

MCP(2): You shall discover that later. Do you refuse?

Hikaru.EXE: No, MCP(2).

MCP(2): I am now reprogramming your function.

Hikaru.EXE's circuits turn red.

MCP(2): Now tell me your function.

Hikaru.EXE: I carry out the will of the high and mighty MCP(2) and train gamebots to play in the games and derezz trying. All users and subjects who reject the MCP(2), I will derezz personally.

MCP(2): From now on, you shall be known as the new and improved SARK. As for your first task, bring me .dat file 6355129 from the fCon server. Since your user's father is the executive C.E.O. there, and he kept the emergency access code on his son's computer, I figure you know the access codes being programmed on that computer.

Hikaru.EXE: Yes MCP(2).

MCP(2): Go.

(End of Line)

The entrance to the Encom server....

Tony.ROM: Let me through!!!

Throws discs at guards.

Whacks some Icps with disc and rod.

Comes to the gate to the MCP(2)...

Get's shocked by force field.

Tony.ROM: Ow!!!

Gate Guardian: Do you have the access code?

Tony.ROM: No. I don't. But where could I find it?

Gate Guardian: I don't know where you find the code, but I know programs with the code.

Tony.ROM: Gigabyte! Locate programs that recently accessed this gate.

Gigabyte: One program located: ICP Kernel31925.

Tony.ROM: Gigabyte, find ICP Kernel31925's location.

Gigabyte: He's on this server. At block C12930.

Block C12930...

ICP1: HEY! Your not authorized to be here!!!

Tony.ROM throws disc and fires an LOL at massive swarm of ICPs.

Kernel: You can't be here! Who are you? Why have you come?

Tony.ROM: My name is Tony.ROM. I need the access key to the MCP(2)'s tower.

Kernel: The MCP(2)? I hate him. That MCP calculates he can just barge in here and use my ICPs as his guards and soldiers? But he has to much power to be derezzed. I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you. Here, take this code and use it well.

Tony.ROM leaves.

Kernel: We are supposed to be the second strongest force on the system and a child penetrates our defenses!!! Request some more ICP programs from ENCOM, and request a new function instructer.

The MCP(2)'s tower...

Tony.ROM: MCP(2)!!! Where's Hikaru.EXE!!!

MCP(2): Tony.ROM, you mean SARK?

Tony.ROM: SARK? Oh no. How could you? I mean you can't do this!!!

MCP(2): This is to easy. He didn't even suspect a thing. With that data, I can take over the world again, from a whole new perspective.

(End of Line)

Tony.ROM: No...

The fCon server...

Hikaru.EXE is seen walking back to the tower with the fCon server blowing up in the background and derezzing.

MCP(2)'s tower...

Hikaru.EXE: I've brought .dat file 6355129.

Hikaru.EXE looks at Tony.ROM.

Hikaru.EXE: Tony.ROM?! What are you doing here.

MCP(2): SARK! Derezz him!

Hikaru.EXE and Tony.ROM battle but no one derezzes.

MCP(2): That's enough SARK.

Tony.ROM: Do you realize what you just did?

Hikaru.EXE: No, not really.

MCP(2): I would love to hear you two argue, but I have business to attend to. (End of Line)

MCP(2): Digitize.

All of the ICPs and MCP(2) digitize out of the ENCOM server.

The digitizing bay...

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