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 Yeah...I know it's not Tron related....but....

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Yeah...I know it's not Tron related....but....

on Thursday, August, 04, 2005 4:44 PM
I wrote a strange fanfic that's a mix of Eternial Sunshine and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's actually FINISHED!


Chapter 1
Memory Wipe

Two men sat in a van, waiting for their next patient to fall asleep. This time, it was a girl.
"This should be easy," said the man with glasses. He smirked. He loved his job.
"Unless we screw-up again," the man with short blond hair said. "'Cause if we do, we're fired."
"Don't remind me," the man with glasses was watching their next patient through the window.
The light turned off, which meant that she went to sleep.
"Let's go," the man with glasses said as he got out of the car. "They might've made this illegal, but this girl real wants it."
They grabbed their supplies and went inside the house. It's walls were full of drawings of people she had met. The bedroom walls, they noticed, were completely empty.
"Imagine not being able to eat chocolate because it reminded you of your Ex," the man with blond hair chuckled. "I'd starve."
"Imagine not being able to look around your room, because its walls are full of drawings of your Ex," the man with glasses said. "Let's stay focused, shall we?" He connected the machine, and turned it on. "Hey. Connect the suction cups to her forehead, ok?"
"Right," the man with blond hair said. "I'm on it." Each suction cup had a wire with different colors on it. He stuck all three to the girl's forehead before putting the metal helmet on her head. "She's ready."
"Let's do this then," the man with glasses smiled as he started up the program.
This would be a piece of cake.

Chapter 2
Meeting A Genius

"Why don't you tell me how you met him, and we'll go from there," the doctor said as he pushed record on a tape recorder.
Tina cleared her throat. "I met Will...three years ago. We just...ran into each other."
"You ran into each other," the doctor asked. "I thought he never went outside."
"Well, he had to this time," Tina said. "He had business to attend to. He was in a hurry."
"Go on," the doctor said...

They continued recording the tape.

"Oh," Said Tina. "I'm sorry." She went to help the strange man pick up the papers he dropped, but he wouldn't allow it.
"You should watch where you're going," he said as he got the papers himself. He looked up, and Tina knew exactly who he was.
"You're Willy Wonka," Tina said in awe.
"Be quiet!" Willy said angrily. "I don't want people to know I'm outside."
"I'm sorry," Tina said, wishing she had more in her vocabulary at the moment. "You're a genius."
"Yes, thank you, but I need to go," Willy said as he left.
The memory disintegrated, never to be seen or thought of again.

Chapter 3
Hearing Voices

The man with blond hair un-wrapped a Wonka Bar. "It's a shame that she's putting all this candy to waste.
"Stop going through her stuff and help me," The man with glasses said sternly.
The blond haired man walked up to a sleeping Tina. "She's pretty. Why'd Wonka leave her?"
"Don't ask me," the man in glasses shrugged. He tossed a diary entry of Tina's to the blond haired man. "Ask her diary."
This is what the entry said:
Damn Will and his fears. Did it ever occur to him that I would NEVER do that? I'm not a spy! Fuck it. I'm deleting him tomorrow.

And there was a drawing of Willy Wonka's factory.
"She seems like she was pretty mad," said the man with blond hair.
"'Don't blame her," the man with glasses said. "He deserved it for hurting her. I'd do the same."
Tina and Willy Wonka walked down a sidewalk in the chocolate factory.
"This is absolutely beautiful," Tina said.
"Thanks," Willy said with a smile. "I don't hear th


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 Yeah...I know it's not Tron related....but....