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it's sort of a fanfic...

on Saturday, August, 13, 2005 1:07 AM
i don't remember the details from the game's emails exactly, and so i filled in the holes in my mind myself.

this is basicaly my account of what happened with Laura's Digitization accident. i wrote this for myself as groundwork for what i had in mind if i were to do a fanfic. or even maybe a TRON web comic if i could modivate myself to do so.

if i forgot something, or made a mistake, feedback is welcome and probbably most apriciated.
and don't pick apart my Science! or my Bahd Spellink.
ENCOM Top Secret:

Further information on Computer Digitization:

Computer Digitization by use of Laser Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the atomic structure of objects.

a target is places in front of an array of multi-frequency lasers (3 or more beam generators capable of sweeping the full electromagnetic spectrum). when the lasers make contact with a molicule at the proper frequency to cause resonance, the atom is released and carried in the laser beams as they are bounced back to a recieving lens on the laser unit. it is then redirected to a storage unit in the laser's mainframe. and stored in a manner similar to: molicule A came from cordinants X,Y,Z: thus a digital patern for all molicules in the target as a 3 demensional object are stored and ready to be layed out again.

the use of 3 beams sweeping in tandom allows for triangulation of matter in three dementional space. during reconstruction of a target. the atomic matter is sent down the beams and released into stasis at the point of beam-convergance, allowing Molicule A to return to exactly cordinants X,Y,Z. as a laser operates at light speed the process of digitization is completed in the blink of an eye.

the restrictions to this process are limited only to the storage space of the lasers matter containment storage facilities. thus there is maximum Mass that can be sent. but due to revolutionary storage methods this is not as much of a problem as it has been in the past.

Case file - Laura Bradly:
*possible 2.0 spoilers, don't know how to black it out*

this was a tragic loss for Encom, Dr. Bradly was a treasured resource and will be missed. Sadly enough - the reason Dr. Bradly volenteered for the digitization was simple, She had the least amount of mass of the staff working on the project and in theory was the safest choice.

The Corection Algarithm Problem was a known issue, but a problem the team had thought they had fixed, even to the point of being able to send smaller animals safely though the process. but as the amount of mass being digitized increases so does the chance of error. *Laura Bradly insisted she had it figured out and brought convincing evidence forward to back up her claims, so the project was given a green-light.

during the digitization experement the mater containment unit was damaged when the laser's colant systems had a catastrophic failure causing a fire. as a result we were unable to reconstruct Dr. Laura Bradly. Officaly the cause of death is listed as an industrial accident in wich the body became contaminated with lethal radiation and thus un-retrievable. it seemed to be the closest scinario without giving away our research here at Encom.

a more drastic loss was the mainframe housing data including Dr. Bradly's research... thankfully we have been able to retrieve most of the data from the desroyed databanks, and the project seems to have only suffered minor setbacks.

**she had infact figured it out in my story.

Personal Journal of Alan Bradly.

i just don't know how we're going to get through this, i doubt Jet even fully comprehends things. When he asks, all i can say is, "No, Mommy isn't coming back."... Well, i'll just have to hope my best is good enough with him.

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 Fan Fiction & Art 
 it's sort of a fanfic...
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