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 Tron Trailer Script (5 Minute Script)

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Tron Trailer Script (5 Minute Script)

on Sunday, December, 25, 2005 7:12 PM
As the subject indicates, we will use this thread to post our 5 minute concept thread.

Please keep this thread strictly for your trailer script ideas and script posts only.

Ok people here are the requirements:

1.) Notepad
2.) 5 minute script (think trailer for a movie)

Once you script is complete, you can post a link to it here or attach it to this thread

When writing the script keep in mind that the trailer could developed in either the game engine; to try to keep things within the realm of possible.... baby steps

[General Ideas]
Prequel - Tron 1.0 (Is this possible??)
Sequel - 1.5 (After Tron Movie / Before Tron 2.0 Game)
Sequel - After Tron 2.0 game

[Side Story] Sark/MCP resurection (not really dead?)
Some "wanabe" hacker inadvertently resurects the MCP
and then the MCP seeks out to restore Sark a backup

[Side Story] Rebuilding digital world
Post Tron 1.0; after defeating Sark

[Side Story] Bit / Byte tie in

Just off the top of my head. Once we have a draft 1 trailer script we can integrate other submissions to bring it to draft 2 phase.

One of the next steps will be storyboarding!!!!!
Anyone out there talented at comic storyboarding


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Re: Tron Trailer Script (5 Minute Script)

on Monday, December, 26, 2005 9:27 AM
TRON: Resistors
Chapter 1
A 5 Minute Script
Written by Meatsack
December 23, 2005


A black screen shows cyan blue words fading in, holding for 30 seconds and fading out. The words are:

(V.O. Optional)
In the year 2481, the World Congress approved the use of Digital Imprisonment for convicts sentenced to terms longer than their life expectancy. This was a cheaper alternative than physical prisons and met the incarceration standards previously set by the articles of law that abolished the death penalty in 2314. It is now 2742 and Mark Black is convicted for Conspiracy to Incite Rebellion against the World Congress. He receives a life sentence which guarantees him a one-way trip to the digitizer. He is supposed to never see the real world again…



The camera shows Mark’s face and pulls back to show him in a line of 5 shackled prisoners walking into a doorway. Four armed guards escort and position them on 5 digitization pads lining one wall of the room they enter. A fifth guard unlocks and removes the shackles from each prisoner in turn. After the last one is unlocked, the fifth guard stands behind a podium in one corner of the room and motions for the other 4 guards to back away to the far wall.

You have been sentenced by the World Congress for various crimes that require your removal from society with no chance of parole or redemption. Therefore you will all be digitally stored for all eternity within the confines of the World Council Security Mainframe under the watchful eye of your new lord and master: The Master Control Program.

The guards then all pull goggles down over their eyes and Guard 5 presses a few buttons on the podium’s console. Five lights flash simultaneously and the scene blurs into:


The camera zooms nauseatingly down a tube of various special effects designed to give the viewer motion sickness and vertigo at the same time.


The five convicts solidify in a room similar to the one they left. Their clothes are now armor-like padding with glowing circuits and the guards are now ICP guards with shock-staves. The convicts all take a moment to stare in wonder at their new forms. A tone sounds and a larger, more dangerous looking guard walks into view on a balcony a few feet above the heads of the ICP guards.

Welcome, guests, to the World Council Security Mainframe. You will be issued an identity disk such as this…

The Warden retrieves his disk from his back and holds it up for everyone to see.

It will record your every action you take for the rest of your existence. In addition, it can be used as a weapon like SO!

The Warden suddenly hurls the disk at the center convict derezzing him into nothingness. Shock and fear show on all the convicts faces except Mark who continues to stare at the Warden with a calculating look. After a couple of seconds, the prisoner that was derezzed enters the room is escorted roughly back into his original position by a guard behind him. The other convicts look confused. Mark never takes his eyes off the Warden.

As you can see, we have safety overrides here as the real world does, but getting yourself killed here only brings pain, but not death. Your override cycles you back to us for reprocessing. The only exception is if you fall in a recreation area. You will then override to the designated area. Play nice and you will not have to endure pain. You will figure out any other rules we have as you go along. The MCP is lenient since you have no means of escape, but if you try hard enough, you CAN invoke his irritation which can lead to having your safety override revoked meaning you will not survive another de-resolution. You will now be escorted to your cells for a brief cycle where you will wait every time you are summoned until released again. That is all.

The Warden then turns and leaves the balcony


I am the TRON-Badger!

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Re: Tron Trailer Script (5 Minute Script)

on Monday, December, 26, 2005 6:39 PM
Congradulations Meatsack for being our first 5minute trailer post!!!! It's really good too! I especially like the opening concept and the tie in with the hero and the digital olympics concept.

I read elsewhere about an idea of upgrades for programs being painlful... this could be expanded on! Illegal upgrades or down as a method of torture, punishment!!

Keep the ideas flowing people


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Re: Tron Trailer Script (5 Minute Script)

on Tuesday, April, 18, 2006 7:44 PM
Tron 1.0
The rise of mcp
Digital world

(Fade from black into Sark's carrier)

Lieutenant: sir. The report you requested from sector frontier the death bits are spreading and have wiped out those religious nuts.

Sark: thank you Lieutenant, *snatches the report
but i do the accusing of the religious nuts

(Sark steps onto a platform and puts his hands on some controls)

Sark: Master control program can you hear me

MCP: (in a not so original tron-ish scratchy digital voice) Yes i can hear you Sark

Sark: what are your orders Master C?

MCP: Those programs following the users are growing in numbers! i need them eliminated! *the MCP SCREAMS IN PAIN* AND I NEED IT DONE NOW! END OF LINE. (His voice sound more original as he just got upgraded)

(Cut to real world, ENCOM office, enter Flynn)

Flynn: ok… here we go... I’m about to start my own little enterprise if I write a few more of these… *Typing on keyboard to bring up his private file of games*

(Quick cut to digital world)

Clu 0.001: bit can you find that data?

Bit: NO!

(Back to real world)

Flynn: what the hell is this?

Screen: file not found

DIRECTORY: E://Documents/flynnsarcadegames/



Flynn: GREAT!

Screen: (BLANK)

(fade out)

(re enter digital world)

Sark: Yes MCP?


(fade to black)

***winner second place of the golden disk battle, prize: Glowing golden rod***


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Re: Tron Trailer Script (5 Minute Script)

on Thursday, April, 20, 2006 12:29 AM
Just an idea to have some fun.

[scene: newscast]Female News Reporter: FCon: The world's leading industry in technology is facing a major shakedown from federal investigators with a report of key leaders of the corporation that are missing. Among them is Encom's corporate guru, Kevin Flynn, who disappeared just days after the merger . . .
Narrator: Three days after Alan and Jet Bradley's return from the FCon server, Alan Bradley is faced with a greater problem . . .
[scene: Alan Bradley stepping into Flynn's home, which is ransacked. Couches are gutted, television is running with newscast running, and computer is gone]Alan: [calling into the house] Flynn?
Narrator: . . . to find his friend . . .
[Alan scans the wreckage and finds a disk tucked away and is distracted when he hears the newscast showing his picture to his horror]News Reporter: . . . Alan Bradley and his son Jet, who were caught breaking and entering on surveylance cameras at the time of the disappearance, is at large. A warrant stands for their arrest for the alleged kidnapping of Kevin Flynn, Seth Crown, Eva Popoff and Esmond Baza . . .
Narrator: . . . before they find him . . .
[scene: F.B.I. strike team storms the Bradley home, cuffs Alan while pinned to the floor while Jet bolts away, grabbing a hard drive before ducking through to the garage and jumping on a motorcycle]FBI agent: Alan Bradley, you are under arrest for . . .
FBI agent 2 [to other agents, pointing to Jet]: Get him!
[scene: Jet on cycle evading police, rushes into FCon digitizing lab and plugs in the hard drive. while frantically typing on terminal, he loads video files of Kevin Flynn bound and thrust into the bay to be digitized.]Jet: Ma3a! Warm up that laser and light me up. I'm going to get Flynn . . .
Ma3a: Yes, Alan Two.
Computer: Warning, laser activity in 30 seconds. Put on goggles.
[scene: Jet in fight scenes with some real bad digital mojo. Suddenly overwhelmed and captured.]
[scene: Jet thrown against wall by guardians and placed next to a familiar face and pinned down and rendered immobile; some kind of dark prison]Flynn: Hey! Nice to see a familiar face. What are you doing here?
Jet: I'm here to rescue you.
Flynn [dryly, rolling his eyes]: My hero.

[Scene cut to Alan, who is in prison suit spending allotted time at computer. The following is a dialog with Ma3a on a command terminal, which is heard as voices talking to each other, as the scene pans to the computer, and morphs into a digital tunnel that weaves in and out until it reaches a black field where code is passing here and there and gathering together at random]
Alan1: Ma3a have you seen Jet?
Ma3a: Yes, Alan1. Contingency protocol has been activated for the retrieval of user Flynn. Alan2 has been digitized.
Alan1 [puts a hand to his forhead and begins to sweat] : Ma3a, what is the status of Alan2?
Ma3a: He's . . . wait! I am sorry Alan1. He is no longer located on this server. The log files do not show a trace of him.
Alan1: Compile Tron, Ma3a.
Ma3a: Tron Legacy?
[the scene of code being assembled takes the form of a familiar man in blue]Alan1: No . . .
[the form becomes a grid shape, the grid is skinned and textured to form . . .]Alan1: . . . Tron archive.
[Tron steps up to I/O tower stream and lifts his disc]Tron: Yes, Alan1?
Alan1 [a tear runs down his eye]: Find my son. Find Flynn.

[scene: title: Tron 3.0][scene: Flynn gasping under torture]Sinister voice: Flynn, you disappoint me. I was hoping for a challenge, but you had to push me off line. Now I'm going to have to push back. End of line.


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Re: Tron Trailer Script (5 Minute Script)

on Monday, June, 26, 2006 4:57 PM
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Re: Tron Trailer Script (5 Minute Script)

on Monday, June, 26, 2006 5:53 PM
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 Tron Trailer Script (5 Minute Script)