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Tron Dictionary/Thesaurus

on Sunday, January, 22, 2006 12:09 AM
After completing my listed notes on the script for the 5 minute trailer it got me thinking...

We need a tron thesaurus/dictionary to create dialogues for scripts

I call out to everyone to help build this

This is public & free to use. Even Disney if they give us our
game and movie sequel!

Feel free to append more onto an existing entry and I will update it here!

Please note I will casually edit entries I place here but you still get the credit for your contributions!!!! As seen blow

[gRiD_89a]Patch Routine: Heal, repair damage, bandaid
Program: A person in the digital world created by a user to
perform a function(s)
User: A real person; considered by some programs not real
I/O Node: Communications device for programs

[FreedomForever]End of line: period, end of conversation
Bit brain: An Insult (stupid, dumb)
Derez/Drezz: to die, death, died

[Traahn]Null: An Insult (not important , no value?)

[Kamui.exe]Header: Pretty much a program's "Head"

[Tabulator]Script: insignific program; kid, young
Cool your circuits: calm down, chill out
Prisoner bin: Holding area; jail
Rez in: Call, create, or teleport
Ram!: sound effect(impact), exclamation
Compiled on: Attatched
Compile: Crush (May be a program's play on words)
Function: Ability
Maintain ready status: qary, cautious
Cycle; micro-cycle: Undefined unit of time
Unable to process your query: I can't answer your question
Next line: End of sentence
Permissions: Access privalages
Warez, scuzzy warez, junk data: Insult, belittling terms

[Compucore]System memory - Your own memory on a particular computer system which you are on.

Compiled - To be created by users on a particular system; birth.

Compiler - a program to convert either high or low level code from the user into a program.

The contributions have been great, if you have nethign to expand on existing words that would be great!

I/O Tower ~ Communication Tower one of the only places to talk with a User Directly.

Game Grid ~ A series of places that don't exactly exist in the actual space of the computer, but are generated as soon as they are needed, and derezzed when not in use. Used for Prisoners mostly, as a sort of Gladiator-style game.

Data Wraiths ~ Trained Users who go into the system and steal information, money, and other such digital material, and transfer said material into a new computer system. Data Wraiths, when derezzed, are shot out of the system as opposed to actually dying.

Resource Hogs ~ Hostile programs who enjoy sucking up as much memory and energy from the computer as possible. It is unclear what there ultimate goal is.

ICPs ~ These are soldier-type programs who are used to battle incoming programs who should not be in the system. This would include Data Wraiths, Resource Hogs, Hostile Users, etc.

Corruption ~ Our word for these programs would be "Virus". They start small and grow with each program they touch. The source of the corruption comes from different places, and different programs. During the events of the source of the corruption was from a corrupted Digitization between the Real World, and the Machine World.

Independent Programs ~ Not much is known about Independent Programs, other than they favor the color of yellow.

Tanks ~ Obsolete programs which were used 20 full cycles ago (20 years ago). They are read only (which means they cannot be hacked) and are invulnerable to most damage, unless they fall off a cliff then they can be derezzed.

Cycle ~ I believe one full cycle would be one full year. And a Micro Cycle would be something smaller obviously. I'm almost positive a Micro Cycle is one hour, or possibly one day. (Maybe a Macro Cycle is a month?)