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Fan Fiction Summary

on Sunday, February, 12, 2006 11:13 PM
This is what I have collected from the msg boards to date.
It's not everything but its what I liked the most and some that i have contributed as of now!

[About Bits/Bytes]-each program has a bit/byte
-bits/bytes used as lie detectors...
-bits/bytes task managers, mentors..
-bits older, bytes newer(smarter)
-not all bits/bytes are good; some evil(malicious)

[About the digital world]-digital world (physical/mental sensations)
-drez actaully has safety protocols
-drez with safety still painful
-digitization process painful
-1st person perspecitive on digitization process
-prison for convicts
-overpopulation in real world
-upgrades are painful
-downgrades (torture, punishment system)
-The Digital Athletic Games (source of game grid)
-digital garbadge (from previous digitization tests)
-are sensations different for users/programs

[About Programs]-when program drezed perm. core dump behind
-core dumps installed have prev. programs memories/abilities
-programs that hate the users(personal experience pov)
-programs perception of users as gods
-smarter programs may realize users for what they really are
-gamebots: old programs, hang out at progress bar(nostalgia)
-why programs different colors
-some programs simple (basic functions only)
-some programs advanced (fully aware ai)
-when did programs become selfaware?

[Politics]-mcp guards (ICP's) hitleresq nazis portrayal
-mcp declares users dont exist (religious angle)
-world congress (world court? United nations)

[About Users]-immortality as long as in digital world?
-more power, different "special abilities" for different users?
-Users perception of programs as not being truly sentient(slavery angle)

[Misc plot points]-flynn old arcade owner? goes back to roots(anti corporate angle)

[Misc Story Ideas]-opposing MCP's (another mcp thats good/ evil mcp discovers its precensce)
-Alan developes a new TRON as a rival MCP
-some sort of digital holocost; tye in (Z-Lot creation, digital diesese)
-The Digital Messiah'(think stargate season9, Orai/oren
-corruption/virus/global threat (thorn?)
-system restore MCP by accident
-mcp behind virus since his demise (late 80's)
-dillinger helps out after serving jail time
-2 basement hacker kids digitize themselves
-mcp not evil? bigger evil controller it? dillinger was never the real creator?

Meat Sacks opener is my fav!

[Meat Sack]
In the year 2481, the World Congress approved the use of Digital Imprisonment for convicts sentenced to terms longer than their life expectancy. This was a cheaper alternative than physical prisons and met the incarceration standards previously set by the articles of law that abolished the death penalty in 2314. It is now 2742 and Mark Black is convicted for Conspiracy to Incite Rebellion against the World Congress. He receives a life sentence which guarantees him a one-way trip to the digitizer. He is supposed to never see the real world again…

[/Meat Sack]


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Re: Fan Fiction Summary

on Sunday, February, 12, 2006 11:43 PM
what was that movie, vanilla sky, yea. Tom Cruise. (IMO) butchers up a meaningful name: LE. anyone seen this movie? I think he wants to be frozen, and he's woken by bad dreams, to find out he was injured in a car accident, and frozen. He is dreaming, because he's being woken up by the doctor who froze him, or something... but it's a weird movie..

Grid_89a, That would be a very interesting plot to build upon. But then I think movies ought to be 10 hours long too...

I like the plot, maybe you could try some real screen writing, and draw out the picture for someone who will produce it.


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Re: Fan Fiction Summary

on Monday, February, 13, 2006 8:09 PM
What you have is partially from Meatsack's future thingy... I don't think all programs have a bit/byte. Bits as lie detectors sounds cool.


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Re: Fan Fiction Summary

on Monday, February, 13, 2006 11:20 PM
yah man like I mentioned its notes I have taken from rants and actual fan fiction

As for brograms having Bit's .. only an idea simple programs dont have bytes? wheres sentient programs would have bytes and maybe like at one point programs were not as complicated and used bits instead... ideas in a bucket order abortion pill abortion pill buy online where to buy abortion pill


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Re: Fan Fiction Summary

on Thursday, February, 08, 2007 1:39 PM
Any ReBoot/TRON crossovers made yet?

I'm just looking to see what really happened to Flynn. He left Encom, was thinking of writing a movie, any word in the stories from Disney of anything else that happened?

And Dillenger is the head of fCon right? That is what I gathered at least.

Or maybe... it's Flynn. (After all, it is "F"con)

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