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 Anyone still making maps or wanting to?

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Anyone still making maps or wanting to?

on Thursday, June, 08, 2006 1:52 PM
Greetings all!

Well due to family problems that came up when I originally started messing with map-making with Tron 2.0 I was unable to ever work on my map… TILL NOW!
Things have finally calmed down around here and I am now ready to get down to work.

I have already gone thru the map-making tutorials (all 3 of them) and completed those example maps. And tried a few other attempts at shapes and designs.

I have already set down and designed a map idea/layout/concept that I would like to make and release. Pictures of the map idea are available here…

USB Network Error

Sub lvl
Upper lvl
Ground lvl
refined map idea layout (MS Paint pic)

Map revision
I am now starting the work on it. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to use, as the pictures show.


As I am just starting back out into the world of Tron 2 map-making. I am looking for others who would be interested in joining me in this project for backup ideas and help. I would “REALLY” like to snag at least 1 person who has made extensive maps before.

What I am looking for is ppl who will have ideas that they would like to add to the map design to give it a more professional feel/look to it, or know of ways to help me fix the map I have envisioned.

(I DO NOT WANT SOMEONE TO DO MY MAP FOR ME! I JUST NEED HELP TO FINISH IT!) Full time effort on part of person/ppl helping is not required. I jsut need ppl who know how to do things an will not mind me bouncing ideas off them or asking how to set things up that I do not understand how to do (yet).

I (WANT) to make maps. I (LOVE) tron. I (WANT) to learn!

I am (DETERMINED) and I am (WILLING) to do (ALL) the work needed to finish the map!

I thank all of you who took the time to read the post, and I look forward to reading all ideas/rants/thoughts/corrections on my map idea.

King OUT!

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Re: Anyone still making maps or wanting to?

on Thursday, June, 08, 2006 7:50 PM
I'll answer any questions you have about using DEdit and making things work in a map. There a few others that can help you out too, but I'll let them speak for themselves. If you haven't been there yet, try for sample maps and lots of enthusiastic support. (Myself includued.)


I am the TRON-Badger!

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Re: Anyone still making maps or wanting to?

on Friday, June, 09, 2006 11:11 AM
Ok, first question.

I want to alter the model shape of hte in game recognizer so it looks (exactly like the old movie ones.... "head area"). I know someone has a light cycle map with this in it. But I cant remember who's map it is off the top of my head. Or I would ask them if I could use it here.

Also. I want to alter another recognizers model corners an twist its shape a bit so it looks like the new black and gold recognizers in the Gameboy verson of Killer APP. (OR) add invisible tiles so it (Looks) like the shape of those recognizers...

Pic below of the new Killer APP Gameboy recognizers...

Gameboy Recognizer Pic

If anyone has a movie perfect recognizer plz contact me here!
Also If someone knows how I should go about editing the shape of a recognizers framwork, plz also contact me here!

map info update

I have already got the sky, ground and wallas up.
I have added my 2 recognizers that ppl will be able to ride around on (from city1 to city 2).

For the ground I used a paint shop pr edit of a move screenshot I took from my dvd.

Here is the base ground texture I made.

My Ground Texture

Here is the screenshot I took it from...

Movie Screenshot I took idea from

I look forward to any and all comments and Ideas.

If ya have a idea or something that you ahve always wanted to see done (more or at all) in a larger map. Comment here. Ill see what I can do.

(I will be making ""DAILY"" map update's here. So that all can see my progress.)

See ya next update.

King OUT!


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RE: Anyone still making maps or wanting to?

on Monday, November, 29, 2010 2:46 PM
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  Tron 2.0: Design Characters and Levels 
 Anyone still making maps or wanting to?
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