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on Thursday, June, 29, 2006 11:05 PM
For people who have not seen the TRON-SECTOR, THE FAN-FIC, sign up thread, I sad do not post in this thread. This thread is for my posting only. I want it so people can read it cleanly through, without sombody interrupting me going "HEY GREAT FAN-FIC! *random thing* HAHA FUNNY !!!!!1111" If you have somthing to say about my fan-fic, please post it here. I am serious about that.

Fan-Fic start:

Tron-Sector, a symbol of peace and friendship throughout the computer realm. little did the programs and users know, that that bond would be broken, and our beloved sector would become a battlefield. Our story starts in the game grid...
*random programs are battling each other on a gigantic grid. Some are on some lightcycles, while others have been knocked off of their cycles*
*A blue program gets knocked off of his super lightcycle by a red user*
Sora.EXE: Ow! *Gets up* Hey Mega Byte! you'll find that I'm not easily beaten!
Mega Byte.exe.: Bring it then!
*The two collide in a burst of swords and disks*
Mega Byte.exe.: With my Derezz sabers, I can derezz you with one swipe!
Sora.EXE: My keyblade isn't so rusty either!
A yellow program with Silver arms is holding a rocket launcher*
Disk: Shoot! they saw me!
Mega Byte.exe.: C'mere!
*Mega Byte.exe. jumps off to challenge Disk*
Sora.EXE: Wha... ... don't leave me hangin'! Awww...
*a Program approaches him*
Shadow_User: Yeah, I hate that too, when they just leave like that.
Sora.EXE: I know what you mean! Hey, is that a Gridbug on your shoe?
Shadow_User: GRIDBUG?!?!?!?!?!?! WRAGH!!!
*Shadow_User goes into a rampage*
Sora.EXE: Look out!
*Sora.EXE gets on Super Lightcycle*
*Two blue and one red lightcycle ride over to Sora.EXE*
Sora.EXE: NoExcuses! Tori! Maximus! Care for a race?
Tori: Sure!
Maximus: O.K.
NoExcuses: Does milk go rancid?
Sora.EXE: fine then!
*The two programs and two users race off in a maze of blue and red jet-walls.*
* All programs/ users look over at a giant crack in the grid. a giant lightning bolt like creature emerges out of the crack*
?????????: Muahaha! Pretty soon, you will all be derezzed concider yourself warned!
*Ligtning bolt like program zips back into the crack*
Shadow_User: We need to get to the "Site Issues" thread, POST-HASTE!!!
*All Programs/ users run to the Site issues thread to see it blocked up with other programs/ users*

To be continued...


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on Saturday, July, 01, 2006 12:15 AM
Chapter 2

*Every Program/ User is in front of the "Site Issues" thread, breaking a world record."
Guard: C'mon! One at a time! Don't make me get out my staff!
FreedomForever: Let me through!
Qix: Lemme through, Bit Brain!
Aussie Evil: Shut up, or you'll get a early derezzing!
*NoExcuses is standing in the corner, spinning on a record player*
NoExcuses: Wow. I seem to do this alot.
*And now back to the "Site Issues" thread*
Guard: O.K.! You guys led me to do this.
*Guard is hitting people with his staff, still programs/ users try to push through to get to the topic*
Mega Byte.exe.: Crap!
Disk: &$%#@*&#^$!
Tori: Ouch!
Sora.EXE: Aagghh!
Shadow: We have to get through!
*A small object fall near the Guard's feet*
*Guard derezzes, along with some close programs*
Shadow: Yes! Let's go!
*All programs/ user charge into the topic, posting like mad*
FreedomForever: Most of the sectors are down!
Sora.EXE: Somebody must have brought it here!
Mega Byte: Yeah! I bet It was those FConers!
Shadow: Shut it! It was probably one of the corrupters!
Corrupter: Hey, we didn't do it! it was those null reds!
Qix: Look whos talkin'! It was those Blue programs!
* Eventually a flame war breaks out*
Mega Byte.exe.: You wanna fight!
Aussie Evil: Bring it!

To be continued...


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on Thursday, July, 06, 2006 11:31 PM
Wow..... How'd you know I'd blame a corrupter for whatever that was?

Mental Sector

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on Sunday, July, 09, 2006 9:12 PM
Chapter 3

A loud thunderclap of digital sound was released into the atmosphere, heard from thousands of miles away.
*Thousands and thousands of programs are slaughtering each other in rage on a battle field never so fierce*
*Aussie Evil shoots Mega byte.exe point-blank in the stomach*
Mega Byte.exe: *digital blood dripping from his mouth and stomach* ... You're a dead man! Ragh!
*Mega byte runs off to derezz Aussie Evil, and NoExcuses throws his disk at Gig, who is on his super lightcycle*
Gig: *Jumps off of Super Lightcycle* Hit the deck! *NoExcuses's disk hits him* Oof!
NoExcuses: *Dancing* Woo Hoo! Looks like I got him! *Lightcycle still being drove in his direction*
NoExcuses: Oh s-
*NoExcuses derezzes*
Derezzed NoExcuses Flying in the air: Darn it! These things always happen!
*Back to the battle*
Sora.EXE: *On lightcycle* &#$%&(&$%, it's too hard to ride with everyone fighting here. *Approches wall*
Sora.EXE: Aaahh! *Crashes*
*Maximus, Qix, and Tori are behind a giant crack in the ground*
Sora.EXE: What are you guys doing here?
Maximus: We have a plan.
Sora.EXE: O.K. then, what is the plan?
Qix: Tori and Maximus will sneak into the de-digitization room, then go to the user world, then Tori will hack into TRON-SECTOR's mainframe, and we will monitor the virus-like program. However, I will not go, Insted, I will ask my user to help you guys out.
Sora.EXE: Sounds like a good plan, I'll cover you guys!
Tori: Thanks Sora.
*The two users rush to the de-digitization room in the middle of TRON-SECTOR*
Maximus: Oh shoot! I don't know how to work the de-digitizer!
Tori: I do, just leave it to me
(computer screen)

Enter coordinates
(Tori typing) ENCOM system, area #9614
**************** (Reindeerflotilla)
Thank you for using the De-Digitizer. Have a nice microcycle
Tori: Were in!
Maximus: Thanks Tori!
*A flash of bright light hits Tori and Maximus, soon the dissapeer*

To be continued...


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on Saturday, July, 15, 2006 8:40 PM
Chapter 4

(User world)

A flash of light, and the two users have appered in front of an office. There is another user sitting down in a chair.
Jody Craig (Qix's user): Well, well, look who finnaly got here. I was waiting here for 5 minutes! *Takes taco out* Wanna taco?
Maximus: No thanks.
Jody: You sure?
Maximus: No.
Jody: C'mon?
Maximus: No!
Jody: Going once...
Maximus: NO!!!
Jody: O.K., more for me!
Tori: Come on you guys, lets just get this over with.
Maximus: Ya know', you look kinda gothic.
Tori: Shut up.
*Tori logs on to the computer in the office.*

Computer: Welcome to ENCOM, password please?
Computer: Welcome TORI, please select category.
Computer: Select Operation.
Computer: Select area.
Game Grid
Computer: Select sub-area
Grid #163785
Computer: Thank you. Please wait.
Program started. Thank you for waiting.
*Screen turns to a brids eye view of the battle field*
Tori: O.K., we have a view. All we have to do is wait for the virus.
Maximus: This might take a while.
Jody: Taco?
Maximus: NO- O.K., just one.
*The three user are sitting in the cramped office ast the battle rages inside TRON-SECTOR*

To be continued...


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on Friday, July, 21, 2006 12:29 PM
Chapter 5

The Battle field is still raging from the battle. Programs and users derezzing left and right. Could there be no end to this war?

*NoExcuses rerezzes in*
NoExcuses: This time, I am sure I will be the winner!
*Record player falls on Noexcuses out of nowhere*
NoExcuses: The Irony Is litterally killing me!
*Noexcuses derezzes, and Sora.EXE goess back into battle*
Sora.EXE: FreedomForever, Shadow! Come where.
Shadow: Whadya' want?
Sora.EXE: Tori and Maximus went to try and lure the virus out from the User World.
FreedomForever: Wait, if there tring to lure out that "thing" what is the bait?
Sora.EXE: Good question...
(Back in the user world)
*Tori, Maximus, and Jody are huddled around a small monitor eating various Mexican dishes*
Tori: %&%#^#$%, why won't it come!?
Maximus: I dunno, perhaps It's doesn't want programs.
Jody: Hey I got an Idea! We can create a new are indide the game grid, and give it no virus protection.
Tori: Good idea.

Computer: Select operation.
Create area
Computer: Select area.
Game grid
Computer: Name area.
Computer: Please wait. Thank you for using the ENCOM mainframe.
Computer: Thank you for waiting. has been activated. Monitor?
(Back in the computer realm)
MegaByte.exe: What the-
*Ground under Megabyte starts shaking*
MagaByte.exe: AAHHHHHH!
*Megabyte fall off of the newly created area growing under his feet*
Shadow: Look over there! It's that thing!
*Lighting strikes the ground creating a virus program.*
To be continued...


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on Sunday, July, 23, 2006 12:42 AM

You so rock... Keep it up... I love this. Good work...


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on Thursday, August, 03, 2006 9:47 PM
Chapter 6. (It's been a LONG TIME.)

All of the programs look at the area rising from the ground and lifting itself into the heavens. A Ship named "WINGED VICTORY" is being piloted by a person and a byte is approching the sector.

Cap_Capacitor: Hey Polly, what's that?
Polly: (Byte) It reads as Sector If we don't move quickly, we'll crash!.
Cap_Capacitor: Polly, move 9614 microcycles to sector 578368024.
Polly: Yes sir!
*The ship nearly misses the new sector. A green lighting bolt hits and passes through the ship, heading at the new sector at a breakneck speed*
Cap_Capacitor: Holy @%&*$*&$%! What the heck was that Polly?
Polly: I... ...I don't know.
Cap_Capacitor: Well, what ever that was, we need to land the ship.
Polly: I'm on it, sir.
*The WINGED VICTORY lands on the game grid. for once, there is no battling going on*
Compucore: What the FCon is happning?
(Back in the user realm)
Tori: Yes! It's inside.
Jody: All right! Seal it now!

Computer: Select operation.
Computer: Select Sector.
Computer: Thank you. Please wait.
Computer: Sealed.

Tori: Great! Maximus, Status report.
Maximus: Tori, I think we're going to need a stronger operation.
Tori: What do you mean?
Maximus: Look at this.
*The Users all gather around the small monitor, looking at the virus corrupting the operation.*
Tori: No, It can't be...

To be continued...


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on Saturday, September, 09, 2006 9:17 PM
Chapter 7

As we last left off, our 3 users are gathered in front of the tiny computer.
Jody: What's it doing?
Maximus: I... ...I don't know. Computer, run Scan.EXE.

Computer: Please wait.
Unknown program found.
Maximus: Scan for name.

Computer: Please wait.
Virus "|<|2][36" found.
Maximus: Turn on to Grid Cam 1.
*The screen turns to a bird's eye view of the game grid. The virus "|<|2][36" has some how melded his body into the corrupted sector, using it as a giant suit.*
Tori: Oh crap. What are we gonna' do now!?
*Computer World*
|<|2][36: 1 4m 7h3 $7r0n93$7 v1rµ$ 4£1v3. 1 4m |<|2][36!
*|<|2][36 smashes his way through the grid, making craters as he steps.*
Josh.EXE: *Throwing disk* Why won't it die?
*Disk hits |<|2][36's head.*
|<|2][36: ¥0µ 7h1n|{ 7h47 1$ 3n0µ9h 70 $70p m3? Pr3p4r3 70 b3 Ð3r3223Ð!
*|<|2][36 destoys a wall, but Josh.EXE gets out of the way, but some debris falls on Sora.EXE.*
Sora.EXE: *Body stuck under debris* Help!
Megabyte.EXE: Sora!
*Megabyte.EXE helps Sora.EXE*
Sora.EXE: Thanks Megabyte, I owe ya' one.
Megabyte.EXE: No problem. I heard that Tori and Maximus are in the user world. Can you conact them?
Sora.EXE: Yeah. I have their Moblie I/O code.
Megabyte.EXE: Contact them. Tell them that we're in critical conditions here. I don't know how long we can hold them off.
Sora.EXE: O.K.
*User World*
Jody: Try it now Tori!
Tori: O.K.!

Run Erase.EXE.
Computer: Grid Erase function not avalible on this account.
Tori: Argh! That may be out last hope!

Computer: I/O Message being recived. Open I/O connection?
Tori: Yes.

KssssssTWANG! *Sound Effect*

Tori: Hello?
Sora.EXE: Maximus, Tori, Qix's user!
Jody: Jody.
Sora.EXE: Jody. We need your help out here, that thing is derezzing us fast!
Maximus: Hey, we got our own problems here, Sora!
Jody: *Imaginary lightbulb over head* Why don't we use The Shinigami?
Tori, Sora, and Maximus: ?????
Jody: Oh yeah, I installed a super cannon into the grid for no apparent reson.
Sora.EXE: How much energy does it take to use it?
Jody: Well, it can't take energy from "inside". I have to inject the energy via "User Link". Sora, I need you, and everybody else to stop |<|2][36.
Sora.EXE: Who is |<|2][36?
Jody: That virus guy, now go!
Sora.EXE: O.K.! Sora.EXE out!

Klunkshuuuuu... *Sound Effect*

Computer: I/O link terminated.
Tori: I sure hope everyone will be O.K. in there.
*Computer world*
*A giant cannon rises out of the Game grid floor, it's lines itself with black energy, and the letters "THE SHINIGAMI" appear*
Sora.EXE: Everyone, distract that thing while the cannon recharges!
|<|2][36: Wh47 1$ 7h1$? 4n07h3r h1nÐ3r4n(3? N0 m4773r, 1 $h4££ (rµ$h 17 £1|{3 7h3 r3$7 0ƒ 7h1$ $3(70r.
25% charged
*A shot hits |<|2][36's head*
|<|2][36: Wh0 Ð4r3$ 70 4774(|{ m3?
Hikaru.exe: I did.
*|<|2][36 throws a giant punch, but Hikaru dodges it*
50% Charged
*In the distance, a program spins around on a small record player.*
NoExcuses: Hey, that's me!
|<|2][36: 34$¥ Pr3¥!
*|<|2][36 throws a boulder at NoExcuses, but something odd happens.*
Record Player: Hadou-Ansatsuken-Shun-Goku-Satsu!
*A brilliant beam of light emerges form the record playerand critically hurts |<|2][36.*
NoExcuses: WOW! THAT WAS COOL!!!!
75% Charged
|<|2][36: 1 h4v3 n0 71m3 ƒ0r 7h1$, 7h47 "µ£71m73 (4nn0n" 1$ 4b0µ7 70 b3 h1$70r¥!
95% Charged
|<|2][36: PR3P4R3 70 B3 Ð3R3223Ð!
THE SHINIGAMI charged 100%
*As |<|2][36 throws his last punch, a beam of black energy relese and hit |<|2][36.*
|<|2][36: N0... ... |<|2][36 (4nn07 b3 Ð3$7r0¥3Ð! 1 4m 4£m19h7¥! 1 (4nn07 Ð3r322! N0000000!!!


After what was dubbed in the archives the "|<|2][36 war", everything went back to normal. There were no more viruses, and it was forgotten soon.


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