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 TRON 1.5, my one chapter long fic!

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Dakota Bob

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TRON 1.5, my one chapter long fic!

on Tuesday, August, 22, 2006 2:15 PM
In 1982, Kevin Flynn is kidnapped and digitized inside the computer world, where he is forced to compete
in several video games by the Master Control Program until he dies playing, but with the help of Tron
and Yori he destroys the MCP and brings freedom and peace to the computer world...but what else was
happening on that day? well, 20 year old programmer at ENCOM David Connor attempts to hack into the
system aswell, he enters the Laser Bay, wearing his work clothes, he goes up to the Terminal and sits
down, noticing the computer is on but nobody operating it. he rubs his hands together.

"Alright, this should be simple enough"

He loads up his hack program (Switch) into the computer, text flashes across the screen accompanied
by an electronic voice.


"'Ey! you're the Master Control Program or somethin', right? well, I'll just go past you like this..."

He hammers more commands into the keyboard, trying to get his way into the computer, but the MCP blocked
him out.


"What? other? looks like you're dumb and pointless..."

But Connor didn't notice the laser right behind him, aimed straight at him.



The laser fires straight into his back, soon his body slowly started to vanish as his molecules start
to be digitized...soon his whole body vanished.....


His body materialized into the computer, he looked around and at himself.

"oh man...."

Soon 3 people appeared, wearing red neon suits and holding big sticks.

"Vacate the area, program!"


One of them poked him with the stick, a surge of electricity entered David.

"Ow! alright, I'll leave!"

David walked out and followed the red neon people, they led him into a holding cell and closed it.

"What the hell is going on?"

He looked next to him, he saw somebody spinning a disk around on his finger.

"Hey, who are you?"

The blue neon person turned to face him.

"I'm RAM"

"Huh...well, I'm David, what's going on?"

"You're a guest of the Master Control Program, and you'll be forced to play video games"

"Sweet, I love video games!"

"I'm suprised they put somebody else in your cell, that must mean CROM lost"


"Yeah, we was in a game against Flynn, that other new guy, I guess CROM's dead now"


One of the guards (red neon people) poked the top of Davids holding cell with his stick.

"Exit the cell, program!"

"Who you calling program?"

David exited the cell and followed the guards into this room, there were four circles on the floor,
David was placed in the middle and given a blue glowing disk. Sark was watching from on high
and he pushed a button to start the game, four other people appeared and took their places on the circles.
soon they started throwing their disks at him.


David dodged one, the disk flew back to its owner.

"Oh, I get it now!"

Somebody else threw his disk at him, but David blocked the attack and threw his disk, it hit the opponent
and he disintegrated.


Somebody else threw his disk, David whacked the disk away and threw his, but his attack was also blocked.
somebody else tryed to attack, David ducked out of the way and attacked, the opponent attempted to block,
but missed and the disk hit him, he also disintegrated.

"Think you can beat ME?"

David attacked and killed another program, now there was only one program left, and he was getting
desperate. he threw his disk hard and David blocked, but he almost missed.

"You a tough one, huh?"

The program didn't awnser him, instead he threw his disk again, but David blocked and threw his, killing
the program.


A door opened and the guards led him to another game grid...



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Re: TRON 1.5, my one chapter long fic!

on Tuesday, August, 22, 2006 2:25 PM
Huh... That's a good story but it almost matches the original except for a few add ons. I liked it!

Dakota Bob

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Re: TRON 1.5, my one chapter long fic!

on Tuesday, August, 22, 2006 2:39 PM
Thanks! I'm sorry it seems like a clone.


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Re: TRON 1.5, my one chapter long fic!

on Tuesday, August, 22, 2006 7:57 PM

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 TRON 1.5, my one chapter long fic!