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Internet City Fan Fic

on Wednesday, September, 27, 2006 7:21 PM
Finally,the first chapter of the Internet City fan fic! Comments must be posted in the sign-up thread.

Chapter 1

Internet City,a place of happiness but little do the inhabitants know that a great evil is rising.

Disk and Sora are having a practice battle.

*Disk gets out the Rhinoxv1.0 and turns it into sword mode*

*Sora gets out his Keyblade and lunges forward at Disk*

*Disk gets hit and falls to the ground,data streaming out of his chest*

*Disk then disappears*

Sora:So much for a practice battle.

*Next Disk reappears on a high ledge with the sniper rifle sight looking at Sora's header*

Disk:Looks like I win this practice. I knew you'd be fooled by my back-up.

*Just then megabyte rides up on a multicolored lightcycle and jumps out*

Megabyte:WATCH OUT!

*Everyone jumps out of the way*

Megabyte:Well,now I know my experiment dosen't work.

Disk:What was it?

Megabyte:Lightcycle brakes.

*Tori rezzes in*

Tori:Hi guys!

Everyone:Hi Tori.

*Just then a giant black hole sucks in random programs*

Disk:Find Cover!!

*Everyone runs for cover but Disk trips over and he almost gets sucked in*

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Click here for a picture of air!

Click here for an Awesome picture of TRON!!!

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