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on Tuesday, February, 12, 2008 8:33 PM
Why is my level taking such a long time to pack? It's long on the lighting. It is driving me crazy!!!where to buy abortion pill buy abortion pill online

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Re: Frustratingness

on Wednesday, February, 13, 2008 12:18 AM

Ah yes, waiting for levels to process. Fun times.

If you just want to test out your level quickly, to see if it's working okay, you can uncheck all the lighting boxes and the map will process much faster. Of course, then the map will look dull and flat when you run it in the game. But at least you can see if there are any serious problems. Then later you can check the lighting boxes again the next time. Don't check the last two boxes, though.

And if you think map compiling for Tron is slow, you ain't seen nothing yet. Tron maps usually take no more than a couple of hours to compile, at the most. And usually a lot less than that.

Try making maps for Quake 3 engine games (I'm looking at you, Jedi Outcast). You could wait a whole day for a map to process.


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  Tron 2.0: Design Characters and Levels 
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