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TR2N Plot Ideas

on Monday, August, 18, 2008 6:06 PM
WOW. How underused is THIS forum?!?

I figured it's pretty fun to come up with plots for TR2N, even if they're based on the trailer from comic con.

I've recently thought that the idea of the yellow program in the trailer being some kind of "enforcer" program is somewhat interesting. Feel free to post some ideas, even if they're not directly based on the trailer. But try to be serious, too. Remember, Disney's marketing department visits this site. They know we're excited and hyped for this movie, so try not to make them mad by saying they'll make the movie suck, because based on what I saw in the trailer, it looks almost (there were some things that could've been fixed) like something they would've done in the 80's if the proper technology existed.

So anyways, post some plots and stuff here, but try to be serious. order abortion pill abortion pill buy online where to buy abortion pill

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Re: TR2N Plot Ideas

on Monday, August, 18, 2008 6:48 PM

Like I said in another thread, I think the Blue Program has escaped/is trying to infiltrate/is being chased, all of whic make sense. He is then spotted and tries to escape. After he crashes, he thinks he'll just be imprisoned, but when he sees the disk he knows he's in trouble which is why he yells "It's just a game!"
idk, just rambling
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Re: TR2N Plot Ideas

on Saturday, November, 29, 2008 2:08 AM
(I'll go ahead and repost this message that I originally posted in "How to ruin TR2N" thread)

How to ruin TR2N... ultimately, to not feature somehow the characters that we knew in TRON. (That is the summary of all I say below.)

You know, talking about the para-religion aspect of TRON, I was thinking that I had to agree with this. The direction I could see taking this to the Nth level is that we have two things that are going on here. Flynn has been in and out of the computer world. Flynn was away from Encom, tries to start his own business in the real world, and then realizes that things are wrong with the way the world is going, and realizes the root is from within the computers themselves.

Flynn finds his way back into the computer realm to help find and fix whatever the problem is far into the computers, far below what the users can find and probe in the real world.

Flynn becomes, in icon, the computer world's Messiah.

The greater being coming down from his high place to save the lowly programs. To become as the programs themselves to save them.

Part of the modern day allegory is that the computer world, the true processes, are hidden under layers and layers of code. Below graphical shells and multi-generational complex programming languages, there is the root, the life of these computers buried under it all. In the early 80's this was the computer and it was much much simplier. Decades later, this process is almost all but hidden. And behind all the pretty graphical interfaces masks something that is not exactly right.

Flynn is also aware that his old friend, his old flame, Laura, is also at the core of all this. Exactly how much of her is in the computer world, and in what form? Can even his user abilities save the woman he once loved, maybe does still?

Well that is the angle I would take with this as a writer if I were to try to pick up the story with characters some 25 years later.

I think the key here is that we get to see more of the world we saw, and especially more of the characters we knew. TRON 2.0 gave us the story of Alan and Jet and passing references to Laura.

I think TR2N needs to tell the other side of the story, where Flynn went, what actually did happen to Laura (ultimately I think it would be good if she just APPEARED to be killed, but was actually stored or living in the computer world... and that Ma3a was just a reference pointer, an alias, of Laura's true location in the system), and since viewers may or may not see the TRON 2.0 game, I think either Alan or TRON would need to make some appearance just to make it all complete.

Honestly I think since TRON 2.0 deals so much with Jet and not with Flynn, that Jet should have as much an influence in this story as Flynn had in the other. This should be Flynn's story, and Jet needs to be referenced, but not show up.

In the end, I think the story of TRON, TRON 2.0, the TRON 2.0 comic series, and TR2N can all exist as ships all passing each other, all covering different ground of this epic world.abortion pills online abortion questions cytotec abortion

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