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 Disney Employees! Your attention please!

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Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Saturday, August, 30, 2008 12:36 AM
If you are a Disney employee, we (being the entire Tron-Sector community, staff, administration, etc..) would like to kindly welcome you to our little slice of paradise in the internet. In this thread, you can see our kind opinions on content seen in the Comic-Con 08 TR2N Trailer, and get a firm understanding as to what a somewhat well sized group of diehard TRON fans think about your future TRON-related products. Essentially, this thread is a well-done example of free feedback. And, of course, it's always nice to know that our opinions are heard, so feel free to join and tell us so.

As you can tell by my username, I am an extremely diehard TRON fan (in fact, some of your "Disney Wonder" Crew Members may remember me as "the guy with the tr2n shirt", hehe). Anyways, check here for feedback and suggestions on TR2N and any other upcoming TRON products and films. Thanks, and we hope you have an enjoyable time at the sector.


Please, please, PLEASE try to remain positive and kind throughout this thread. As I sincirely hope that Disney Employees do read this, and it's likely that they will (they do visit our forums and read through them, you know..). Saying anything rude here is like walking up to a Disney Employee and firing a mickey mouse clock at them with a gravity gun. You get the idea. If this thread manages to get off the ground, perhaps we can sticky it so that it's easier for Disney Employees to find. Again, try to be as serious and as kind as possible here (that meaning more serious than my gravity gun analogy), as we want this thread to be as clean and readable as possible for any Disney Employees that may happen to read this. Who knows, maybe we'll end up being featured on Disney Channel when they start advertising the next film? Oh and also, the idea for this thread was VRAM's. He was just too lazy to start the thread. lol jk

Remember what VRAM said:
"If it's put in a mature, respectful and organized way, it has a good chance of being read and used for the benefit of everyone..."
Anyways, back to my message to you, the Disney Employees. We would all like to kindly welcome you to TRON-Sector, and we are all very excited about the new film. Thank you!

I would like to start off by saying that I loved the trailer, and from what I've read, you executed it perfectly. I'm assuming you've sort of kept up with our TR2N-related threads, and so you probably know that we all want an official release of the trailer you showed at comic-con!

I think it's great that you're finally bringing TRON back to the silver screen. I literally had tears in my eyes when I first read about this, and even more when I first saw the bootlegged trailer (hey, who hasn't? ). Many kudos to you, Disney!

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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Saturday, August, 30, 2008 2:19 PM
To Disney:
First of all, thank you. You have provided me with sooo much quality entertainment over my lifetime it's hard to put into words. Starting with The Wonderful World of Disney television show which I began watching in the early seventies. I also loved the classic era animated films like Snow White, Bambi and Fantasia and the feature films of my childhood like Escape to Witch Mountain, The Apple Dumpling Gang, The Rescuers, The Black Hole and, of course, TRON. You're even still entertaining me today with all the excellent PIXAR work including The Incredibles, Ratatouille and the brilliant Wall-e. All of this art is alot of fun but none of it is as interesting to me as TRON. I've seen it many dozens of times over the years and it's the only Disney film I own a copy of.

I love the TR2N test footage. After all these years I didn't realize how much I would want to see a TRON sequel. I just thought there wasn't any way to make it relevant today but can now see that it most certainly is. I guess determining that fact was the purpose of the test and IMO it is a resounding success! The style of the design, the "tone" and intensity of the action and the kinetics of the animation are all fantastic! It's all the more impressive with the involvement of the incomparable Jeff Bridges. I want to see this movie!

This is a challenge to you. Your computer animation is quite simply the best. You are obviously perfectly suited to be involved in creating a new TRON movie. I can only imagine how many people working for PIXAR were strongly influenced by TRON and subsequently got into computer animation and film making (like Lasseter). You have, over and over again, done exceptional work creating beautiful stories turned into award-winning movies that are generally geared toward a younger audience but still have great appeal to adults. Take this opportunity to make the first PIXAR project that is primarily a film for adults that will still have appeal for kids.
Look to The Dark Knight for guidance. I don't mean to suggest that TR2N should be as dark in tone or as gruesome but it is decidedly an adult film that is also interesting to a younger audience. But it's also a "comic book movie" or a "superhero movie." Source material of this nature is rarely taken seriously and it shows in the poor quality of the resulting films. But like good science fiction/fantasy The Dark Knight takes advantage of the possibilities of it's source material and creates a compelling story populated by fascinating characters proving yet again that regardless of the fantastic nature of the source material or premise of a film, if studios/filmmakers take it seriously, an exceptional piece of art can be created. Additionally The Dark Knight has earned about a BILLION dollars and will likely win at least one Academy Award.

Take it seriously and take your time to do it right and you'll have at least one happy repeat customer in me.

Thanks for reading and keep up the good work!

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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Saturday, August, 30, 2008 2:26 PM
Dear Disney Pictures' team responsible for TR2N,

First of all, I'd like to wish you all the best in this endeavour. With Mr. Lisberger in charge as producer, I'm pretty confident this next installment in the TRON series will be both a creative AND commercial success.

Creatively speaking, Mr. Lisberger and Mrs. MacBird raised the bar too high in the 80's IMO and for the better, of course. Problem may be that I now expect the same to happen in it's 2010's equivalent, at the least... Unlike all of my other favorite 'franchises', TRON has a fairly unexplored universe (even taking into account the TRON 2.0 video game and The Ghost in the Machine comic book) so I can't stress enough how important it is for me to watch the creative team tackle, what I call, 'TRON's paradigm' in new, innovative and unimaginable ways. Again, Mr. Lisberger's reputation as a "paradigm breaker" should motivate everyone in pre-production.

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing TR2N today?
Now, what I'm going to say next, I was reserving for the day I met Mr. Lisberger, but that may never happen so now's my best chance...

The thing that does it for me regarding TRON, the thing that made its morals truly worthwhile and one that really struck a chord, the thing that maintains it at this almost "epic" level at all times story-wise, comparable with masterpieces like the first fully realized science fiction novel, Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein', IS this 'User-Program' relationship.
Not in the sense of my higher self out there, somewhere that's the best person I could be, but in the sense of honestly giving the priority the relationship between me and my Creator deserves, literally. In this respect, it surpassed the likes of Star Wars' use of "The Force" and completely set it apart from the modern movies it inspired like The Matrix. Such a mature theme it handles that TR2N should be released as a Touchstone Pictures feature...

Anyways, Will TR2N deal with a third phase's dark in the light and light in the dark? Taking into account Rousseau's philosopy had one fatal flaw (people are not the authors of the law), Would you opt for a self sacrificial approach rather than a selfishness type of simulation?
Technically speaking, it only seems natural that TR2N will be seen as its predecessor was, and with that I mean, "pioneering new animation techniques". For that to happen, everybody's abilities will need to be pushed to the limit, as only Mr. Lisberger and Disney can. Mr. Kosinski's vision with the 'teaser' trailer seems like a good start in that direction.

Last but not least, I want to encourage everyone involved in the upcoming marketing campaign/strategy for TR2N to seriously consider as the best 'test bed' for anything you plan doing... Focus groups and surveys, maybe even field tests and interviews can be conducted or arranged with this community... from a traditional viral marketing/internet marketing to an ARG, you have your target market right here. I for one, utterly and completely represent your hispanic/latino market segment/population (now 45 million in the U.S. alone), and if needed, I'm at your disposal and willing to participate.

Thank you for your attention and for giving TR2N the best you got.
May God bless you all.


Victor Camacho

p.d. And I thank you for your enthusiasm Tron.dll! A good thread to begin with... Nice job. However, I'm gonna make you eat those words when I unveil the TRON time line I've been preparing for the TRON community in the following weeks...

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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Saturday, August, 30, 2008 4:06 PM
Dear Disney...

I'll keep this pithy.

Please add recognizers to TR2N.

Oh... and keep us updated here at the sector when you guys are ready to release new information about TR2N.

Keep up the awesome work.

Jody "Qix77" Craig


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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Saturday, August, 30, 2008 10:58 PM
Dear Disney,

Do it. Tr2n in theatres and Tron on bluray. :P

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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Tuesday, September, 02, 2008 6:38 PM
Hello Disney Employees and ALL TRON parties:

First, I want to thank you, Mr. Lisberger, Ms./Mrs. MacBird, Wendy Carlos, and Co., for providing me with an eternally-awing, mind-blowing celluloid experience that I will remember forevermore: that wonderful sci-fi multilayered metaphorical and symbolic visual feast masterpiece known as, "TRON".

I vividly remember my Mom and Dad taking me to see it back in' 82, at the age of 9. No other movie has had quite the same effect that, "TRON" has had on me. I remember jumping on my 8-speed Huffy bike and taking many happy rides to the local Thriftway store to plunk quarter after quarter into the TRON arcade game. I also remember hearing and seeing the TRON 2.0 game (unfortunately, I've not yet had a computer system with the required system specs to play it), and also remember hearing many accounts of a planned TRON sequel. I even had one of those Disney TRON Play-Along Storybooks with the record. When the 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD came out, I was one of the first to run to the store and buy it, and spent the 5+ hours, happily watching the feature film along with all the supplemental material. I still do to this day.

Upon seeing the footage unveiled at Comic Con, especially after seeing one of my favorite actors, Jeff Bridges, returning, I became that awe-struck 9-year old all over again, and I hope that you can bring that same magic back to myself, and to the hundreds of TRON fans who watch and rewatch that cinematic gem over and over again.

If prior box office performance concerns you, fear not - rest assured that the reaction at Comic Con is only a minute indication of the herculean love that TRON fans, new and old, have for their beloved franchise, as well as the vast market and collectors of all things TRON. When TR1N came out, personal computing was in its infancy, and only a select few could relate to the technospeak and computer-related elements at that time. Now, since we live in a computerized, digitized (LOL!!!!), and technological age, much more people will understand the TRON universe and can relate to what it is about. We here at Tron-Sector, as well as the many other TRON-related websites, are eagerly awaiting the sequel and are all pumped up by the TR2N footage. The anticipation is building, especially after a 29-year wait. It's like seeing that old distant much-loved relative that you haven't seen in years.

In closing, I humbly request that in your making of TR2N, that you:
A)Keep Steven Lisberger & Co. closely involved;
B)Please keep in touch with the fans as far as what they'd like to see;
C)Keep the whole Program-User element. This is one thing that really connects the audience to the narrative contained within;
D)Link current computer trends and technology as did TR1N, i.e., viruses, firewalls, virtual memory, the internet, SD cards, wireless modems, and the like;
E)Continue drawing from classic metaphors, i.e. the David/Goliath dynamic in the final battle of TR1N, as well as the Roman Gladiators/Lightcyclist competitors dynamic, and others;
F)Push the envelope as far as special and visual fx. That's one thing that distinguishes TR1N from any other film, and has enabled films like "Toy Story", "Barnyard", and other animated features to be made, as well as making possible the creation of PIXAR. Twenty something years ago, the technology to make TR1N was much more cumbersome; nowadays, a couple of kids can make TR1N easily with a Macintosh, some high-end graphics software and Final Cut Pro;
G)In revisiting the computer world, have all updates reasonable and plausible;
H)Wendy Carlos - She is a must; Wendy is to TRON what The Force is to Star Wars, what Optimus Prime and Megatron are to Transfomers, in my humble opinion, and I still listen to her ground-breaking TRON music to this very day, as it still sounds as fresh as it did 26 years ago;
I)The aesthetic - I hope that the visual aesthetic, especially with the programs' bodies, is similar, but evolved; The TRON 2.0 aesthetic is an excellent template to build the TR2N aesthetic from, as well as TR1N;
J)Enjoy! If the audience sees enthusiasm and enjoyment from you as you make this film, especially during any marketing stuff you may do before the film is released, the fans will have no choice but to be behind you.

Again, Thank you Disney employees, Steven Lisberger, Joseph Kosinski, Jeff Bridges, the writers, editors, actors, all other TR1N/TR2N personnel, as well as Auric, DaveTRON, Lurking Horror, Kia Purity, and all the many other TRONophiles I've had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with online . We look forward to seeing you - on both sides of the screen, and on the silver screen. Thanks again for the opportunity. End of Line.


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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Monday, September, 08, 2008 5:12 PM
Dear disney:

No rap.

No techno music.

No excessive pop culture references for purposes outside of story telling...

In a nutshell, you can market this to the younger viewer, but don't make it FOR the younger viewer.

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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Wednesday, September, 10, 2008 10:35 PM
xalener Wroteear disney:

No rap.

No techno music.

No excessive pop culture references for purposes outside of story telling...

In a nutshell, you can market this to the younger viewer, but don't make it FOR the younger viewer.

Yes, I agree, and again, as far as the music is concerned: Wendy Carlos. She is to TRON what the John Williams Orchestra is to the Star Wars films.

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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Saturday, September, 20, 2008 10:15 PM
Beloved Disney, this is my first post here so I just wanna say that I'm sooo in looove with this Tron movie, and I mean it, not from long ago, but in such way that I think I might need some pro help or somethin... You see, I can't get it out of my mind... although I have a couple of sweeties, when I see a nice lookin' person I instantly "dream awake" wanting to have a special bond just like Lora has with Alan, but also has with Flynn or viceversa... So it's as if the movie's symbols and visuals keep comin' to my mind in each and everyone of my relationships... I'm such a fan not since it came out way back in the 80s but more recently... My ex-primary was this big tron fan, ya'know he refused to go poly and we parted ways, the thing is, after that I started to missim dearly and out of sheer frustration started watching tron and completely got into it to the point of making a "special presentation" for my secondary and my sweeties where I pointed out all key symbolic scenes, deleted scenes, etc. so they got into it like bees do the honey. So we now ocassionally get together to well ya'know "socializing & stuff" kind of sessions where we discuss the impact tron has in our love lives... Whaddaya know! we even share all sorts of tron-esque fantasies! for example, we all agree the Solar Sailer "Sexymulation" Scene as we like to call it, completely melts us... I'm sure you imagine what can arise between a female and two males stranded with nothing to do but wait in this vast and almost empty virtual space... Please don't get me wrong here but when you've been part of an intimate network you notice certain lil details in others' relationships, i mean, with all this "free love symbolism" in tron's story I'm pretty sure Steven and Debbie had a V relationship going on there for a while... In fact, I love thinking they were lovers while writing the script... Anyways, I'd love to see all this Tron is, revamped for us modern descendants of free love. Best wishes. All of my love.

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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Monday, September, 22, 2008 1:02 PM
I have one thing to say to Disney, Pixar & Co.. Tron is art, don't sway too much from the original concept of lightcycles, tanks and recognizers, though things can be taken to the next level (that multi-layered grid ROCKS! but the platforms should be squares iso rectangle)... Don't go cheesy or humoristic like many movies (Indiana J. 4). Go serious, intellectual, static and somewhat dark.. While maintaining that gaming feel with laserbridges and moving platforms (and more suggestions in another post). It's about the World, scope, immersion and art. So far you nailed it with the trailer. I'm confident. Make it work, you owe it to yourself (Pixar)..

One more thing.. Movies are movies, games are games. And while Tron is based on games, it's still a movie (the two don't mix well in general), focus on the movie, make it art, give a sense of scale. Don't make a cash-in (similar like matrix) and make a game release at movie release - doesn't work. A game can come much later (I'm thinking raytrace time, next-gen consoles)..

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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Monday, September, 22, 2008 6:08 PM
ALU Wrote:Beloved Disney, this is my first post here so I just wanna say that I'm sooo in looove with this Tron movie, literally, and I mean it, not from long ago, but in such way that I think I might need some pro help or somethin...

Greetings, ALU and welcome to TRON-Sector!

Wow - I think you just won the award for the most unique first post here I've ever read. Interesting take on things. There is so much symbolism in the film TRON - much of it isn't even picked up upon first viewing. Thinking back, I think I've heard some of what you spoke of before. I really don't know if all of the symbolism people have picked up on was intentional, but good points can be made about it. I think it's great that you've been able to find so much meaning in the film. TRON is many things to many people - mainly the COOLEST FILM EVER, PERIOD!

A couple of threads you may want to hit are:

What's with your name?


Don't forget to PING in every time you have yourself Another dose of TRON

I think you'll enjoy your time here at The Sector


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on Tuesday, October, 21, 2008 9:15 PM
unique?? sorry to reply a month later todd... i guess thats the way i am sometimes... lets not spoil this thread any more... you can pmme if you like...

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Yes... I can take you across the Sea of Love... But even if there were just one of you, I always think of you in the plural.

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Re: Disney Employees! Your attention please!

on Saturday, November, 29, 2008 9:41 AM
Well, I would like to keep my message breif.

Not alot I would like to see, but I would love a bit of humor from Byte (or Bit as he is known in Tron) He made me chuckle in Tron and laugh with his comments on the ICP's in the Tron 2.0 Game (check my signature here)

and If we do happen to see another game like Tron 2.0 that is a sucessor to the movie, please, may I ask kindly you release a SDK (thats beefy like a Half-life one from Valve, or something that we can allow groundwork to the game.)

thoes would be my requests, I wish Disney the best with this film.

oh, and maybe.. if you could in the end credits of the film a shout out to "Tron Sector" or "Tron Fans" that have kept the spirit alive

there we go, my top 3

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 Disney Employees! Your attention please!