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Reminiscing on the grid

on Saturday, November, 01, 2008 10:29 PM
Election Day in the U.S.A. is nearly upon us. Time for us 'yanks' to determine who is lying, who isn't, or just who lies better, and let them rule our lives for the next 4 years. The mayhem of this event conjures up all sorts of humerous chaos and parodies in my mind. And one thought led to another, eventually bringing me back to one of many fond memories of my time on the lightcycle grid.

I can scarcely believe it's already been about 4 years since the last time I rezzed into the digital shell of a lightcycle. 4 years ago, almost to this very day, one of the most interesting antics that came about on the grid was the politics war. In the middle of the race, the mighty question came up, "Who are you voting for?" What a loaded question to ask. To no big surprise, most Tron fans are probably VERY politically-minded, as was everyone on that grid at that moment. So suddenly, at the speed of 11001000 voxels per nanosecond, while dodging walls and launching missiles, a bunch of irate digitized users were screaming at each other about economic policies, national defense, and moral practices. The argument took a more Tron-like turn shortly thereafter as some of the opposing team (and by that I mean the Republicans, not the red programs) vanished from the grid. We all thought they'd just had enough of our garbage data that we were feeding them so rapidly that they just had no chance at out-debating us. But when someone out-debates you in a game, the only recourse is to destroy them. They began rezzing back in, now with a unique guild tag affixed to their name. Within a span of 10 minutes, 2 new factions had emerged on the digital landscape: BUSH and KERRY. We didn't play teams, but rest assured whenever a single victor was named, the name of the winning guild was cheered over the chat window. We fought on for hours, and the 2 guilds survived until election day, when the fuss became meaningless. Granted, it was meaningless beforehand too, but it sure was fun.

The memory made me wish I could be out there again, enjoying the most fun I've ever had in an online game. But technological limitations have made that impossible. The only time I have broadband access is when I'm in Canada.... WAY north in Canada, so far north that even with broadband speed, my ping is way too high for internet games. In the States, all I have is a dialup connection that hasn't improved in this little town in the past 15 years. *sighs*

I miss all of you that I used to battle with, and I hope you're all still out there setting the grid aflame with 3D-accelerated bloom-enhanced explosions. And yeah, about the political war, that's right, you get to blame me for the hell that America has been going through for the past 4 years. Sorry about that.

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  Tron 2.0: Multiplayer 
 Reminiscing on the grid
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