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Archive Bins

on Friday, December, 26, 2008 7:40 AM
Good Morning, folks!

Question: I would like to know how I can add items to existing archives bins within levels; preferbly Empty Ones. For example, I would like to place permission sets in a few bins, so that I can have all of the permission sets in each level. I currently use the Frhed HEX editor to modify current items in the bins; ie: make them Gold Status and such. Any help would be appreciated.
2nd, I am having trouble uploading a MOD I created in these forums; I get the following message:
Upload of File D:\www\TronSector\ftp\Maps\ failed: The device is not ready.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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Re: Archive Bins

on Tuesday, April, 21, 2009 1:41 PM
go to tron faq on the tron news site and look at editing area i think its there


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Re: Archive Bins

on Monday, June, 22, 2009 3:18 PM
I checked out the Editing area, but cannot seem to find aything relating to modifing archive bins. What section do I need to look in?on line abortion pill misoprostol dose abortion medical abortion pill onlinewhere to buy abortion pill abortion types buy abortion pill online


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Re: Archive Bins

on Thursday, June, 25, 2009 10:49 PM
here this is what i saw not shure if its what you are looking for i copyd it directy from the faq it was in cheats

Saved Game Hex Edit Cheat (originally by hopsmarkus, added to by tronfaq aka redrain85)


The only working method at present, to cheat and upgrade subroutines to Gold status, is to edit your saved game files.

Although it was originally believed that only subroutines in Archive Bins located on the level you saved the game on, were the ones that could be upgraded . . . the author has discovered that your subroutines in Inventory can also be upgraded. However, this is complicated by something I will explain later.

Before you begin editing one of your saved games, make sure you back them up! Just in case something goes wrong. Copy the entire x:\YourTronDir\Save\Player\SinglePlayer directory, where x:\YourTronDir is the directory name you installed to, in case you did a custom install. By default it would be C:\Program Files\Buena Vista Interactive\Tron 2.0\Save\Player\SinglePlayer. The instructions below assume a default install, so make changes if necessary.

There are two types of saved games: the Regular Save that you create manually and give a file name, and the Quick Save.

A Regular Save is created by hitting ESC and going to the System menu, then choosing Save Game. The file is located in C:\Program Files\Buena Vista Interactive\Tron 2.0\Save\Player\SinglePlayer\Slot##\Slot##.sav, where Player is the name of the profile you're using and ## represents a number from 01 to 10.
Your Quick Save is created by hitting the F5 key. It continually replaces the same file each time you save. It's located in C:\Program Files\Buena Vista Interactive\Tron 2.0\Save\Player\SinglePlayer\Quick.sav, where Player is the name of the profile you're using.

Once you've made copies of your save files, it's time to go about editing a saved game. We're going to work with Quick.sav, though it could just as easily be a Slot##.sav file. But first, you need a program capable of hex editing. A free hex editor you can download is frhed. After installing and running the program, open the saved game you want to edit.

To open and edit a saved game:

Go to the File menu and select Open....

Choose the Quick.sav file, and click Open.

NOTE: The following instructions for editing Inventory Subroutines, only work on saved games from early levels. However, the instructions for editing Archive Bin Subroutines, will work on any saved game.

It seems that once you pass a certain game level or number of subroutines in your inventory, the game no longer represents inventory items in the save as text strings. It changes them to either tokens, or simple encrypted entries. So in later levels, the method for upgrading inventory subroutines that I've written below, no longer works. Mind you, archive bin subroutines continue to be represented by text strings all the way to the end.

The point at which the change takes effect, is some time during the Transport Station level. So now the question is, why does it occur in the first place? Regardless, I think I've discovered a way to successfully edit the "encrypted" subroutine entries, anyway. But it's going to take some time, and a lot of experimentation, in order to figure out how to explain editing them.

Let's upgrade the subroutines in inventory, first. It's the easier edit to do.
Go to the Edit menu, and choose Find....

Type in base_code, and click OK.

The program will find and highlight the string. Now, look at the bytes surrounding base_code. Clustered around it, you'll see some familiar subroutine names. In the case of this saved game, we see: YAmp, Fuzzy_signature, Primitive_charge, submask, Profiler, Suffusion, Virus_scan, peripheral_seal, LOL, and Shield_prism.

NOTE: If you don't find base_code in the file, it means the game was saved on a later level, and these instructions for upgrading your inventory subroutines will no longer work. Move down to the instructions about editing archive bin subroutines, which will work on any saved game.

Here is a list of subroutine names (they are case sensitive) that can be in a saved game file, and their equivalents:

Sequencer Sequencer Disc
Cluster Cluster Disc
Suffusion Suffusion Rod Shotgun
LOL LOL Rod Sniper Rifle
Drunken_dims Ball Drunken Dims
Ball_launcher Ball Launcher
Energy_claw Mesh Energy Claw
Prankster_bit Mesh Prankster Bit Missile
submask Submask Head Armor
truncate_plate Truncate Body Armor
peripheral_seal Peripheral Seal Arm Armor
support_safeguard Support Safeguard Leg Armor
base_damping Base Damping Foot Armor
viral_shield Viral Shield Defense
Fuzzy_signature Fuzzy Signature Stealth Utility
Shield_prism Power Block Utility
MegaHurtz MegaHurtz Damage Utility
Corrode Corrode Damage Utility
Triangulate Triangulate Zoom Utility
YAmp Y-Amp Jumping Utility
Primitive_charge Primitive Charge Utility
Profiler Profiler Utility
Virus_scan Virus Scan Utility

To upgrade one of the subroutines, move the cursor two bytes to the right of the name. Let's pick LOL as an example.
The 4c 4f 4c represents the hexidecimal values of the letters LOL in ASCII code. Then the value two bytes to the right, is the level of the subroutine.

Edit the value in the following manner:

00 = Alpha
01 = Beta
02 = Gold

I've changed the level of the LOL to Gold, by clicking two bytes to the right of the hex values of the letters LOL on the left side of the screen and typing 02. It's important that you edit on the left! If you edit on the right, you'll enter full byte values which will mess things up.

Continue editing if you wish, until you've upgraded all the subroutines.

Once done, go to the File menu and Save.

If you still want to edit the Quick.sav, then skip the next two steps. Otherwise, let's open a Regular Save with the editor. (If you do decide to keep editing Quick.sav, scroll back to the beginning of the file, and click on the very first character on the right side.)

Go to the File menu again, and choose Open....

Select Slot01.sav, for example, and click Open.

Go to the Edit menu again, and select Find....

Here comes the difficult part. You need to know in advance, which subroutines are on a level, so you can do a search for them in the hex editor. So basically you have to go through the entire level, checking to see what every archive bin contains, and take notes. To make things easier, you can pick one bin and stand next to it when you save your game. Then do a search in this file, for the subroutines in just that one bin.

That's what we'll do in this example. I've chosen an archive bin on the Prisoner Bin level, with a Suffusion subroutine in it. I'm going to upgrade it to Gold.

Don't download the subroutines from a bin, before you save the game! If you do that, the entries will no longer be in the file, and you can't edit them.

Type in suffusion, and click OK. If you're still editing the Quick.sav file, and come to your Inventory (you can tell by the continuous list of subroutines, and the base_code entries) then hit the F3 key to find the next occurance. Either way, you'll probably need to hit the F3 key one more time. Why, you ask?

In the case of this saved game for Prisoner Bin, there are two entries for suffusion other than in inventory. One must be for the ICP that carries it earlier in the level, and the other for the archive bin later. (The suffusion in inventory was taken from the ICP's core dump.) As an educated guess, the first entry should be for the ICP, and the second for the bin.

If you look carefully, you'll notice mention of the ARCHIVEBIN.LTB model near the second entry, that helps to confirm our guess. Change this Suffusion to Gold level, the same way you did with the LOL.

If you're feeling particularly adventuresome, you can also change whether the subroutine is Normal, Corrupted, or Unknown. The next byte to the right of the value we've been editing, controls these properties of the subroutine.

Edit the value in the following manner:

00 = Normal
01 = Corrupt
02 = Unknown/Foreign

Finally, Save the changes and Exit the program.

Fire up the game, and test your edited save. Load it from the Load Game menu.

The above two screenshots, show the results of the edits. It worked! All the inventory subroutines are Gold, and the Suffusion subroutine in the archive bin should not be Gold, but it is.
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