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Fan fic first chaptet (sort of)

on Tuesday, July, 28, 2009 1:02 AM
Well . . . Here you go.

“You can’t be serious, you’re telling me the laser in Encom’s lab hit you and did what?” Alan inquires of Flynn.
“It took me inside Encom’s computer system; it’s like another universe in there! And I saw Tron, the program and he looked like you and there was another program that looked like Lora and . . . and”
“Stop right there.” Alan interrupts. It’s hard enough to try to comprehend Kevin Flynn’s so called “computer adventure”, Alan thinks but the blaring arcade sounds and music inside of Flynn’s Arcade is enough to stop anyone’s train of thought. “He must have conked out in his chair or something . . . maybe it’s a joke?”Alan thinks.
“I know what you’re thinking.” Flynn smirks. “Your thinking ’Ha Ha very funny Flynn your crazy let’s put you in the loony bin’ but you really have to trust me.” Flynn begs. “I know it sounds crazy. Heck, I thought I was going crazy at first, but this could revolutionize our industry altogether. We could . . .” Flynn stops. “Well we could zap people inside to fix problems or . . . or play games! Full bodied interactive games in real time, Alan! Think about it” Flynn shouts.
“Flynn isn’t there anything you could show or tell me that doesn’t sound like an insane person made it up?” Alan inquires. “You’re the president now; please think before you invest the whole company’s time and money into something that sounds intangible.” Alan advises. Flynn smiles eagerly as if some odd thought came through his head.
“Alan come with me, we’re going to ENCOM right now.” Alan sincerely commands.
“What? Right . . . now?” Alan asks.
“Yes now! Come on!” Flynn yells flailing his arms out at Alan. “You want proof, well I’ll show you proof.”
Alan shakes his head and follows Flynn outside.

* * * *

Alan quickly pulls his van into the employee parking. Flynn quickly hops out and opens the door with his keys. Flynn and Alan steadily pace through the hallways of ENCOM. After a while, Flynn comes to the lab room and climbs up several ladders and sets of stairs until he reaches the computer where Flynn’s adventure had all but began.
“See when you were upstairs in the cubicle, Lora left me here and I got started. Then Master Control Program tried to stop me but I tried to keep him off me. Next thing I know I’m sucked into a laser and into the computer.” Flynn recalls to Alan.
“Flynn, the only thing the laser could zap properly was fruit, Flynn, Fruit! How could it zap an entire human being without killing you or screwing you up?” Alan, frustrated, comments. “And whatever we zapped through it never came back. How would you?”
Flynn pauses in front of the laser. “I don’t know Alan! What do I look like? Mr. Spock?” “Alan, if I knew I would replicate it and go back in.” Flynn sighs.
“Well, what now?” Alan wonders.
Flynn looking around sees a janitor cleaning something outside the labs doors. Flynn leans over the railing of the machinery in the lab and waves his arms at the janitor. “Hey you!” Flynn shouts at the janitor. “What’s your name?” Flynn asks. The Janitor looks up at Flynn, ashamed almost, and replies “Rob sir, Rob Jameson.”
Flynn smiles at Rob. “Could you do me a favor for a split second, Rob?”
Rob looks at Flynn, puzzled as to what the president of the company he his employed at could possibly want with him.
“Sure.” Rob replies. Slowly Rob climbs up the machinery. Flynn quickly turns on the computer and begins typing in commands:

ENCOM: Lab computer is ON

Quickly Flynn steps away from the computer and watches Rob climb up the last ladder rung. Rob stares at Flynn, expecting to be fired.
“What are you doing?” Alan asks.
“You’ll find out.” Flynn smirks. Flynn pulls, pushes, and finally places Rob in a certain spot in front of the laser and goes to the computer. Flynn begins to type:


Suddenly a bolt of Bright blue laser hits Rob. “FLYNN, NO!” Alan screams. The laser starts to build a graph around Rob. The graph, becomes three dimensional, and forms around Rob. Instantly afterward, the laser, brighter and bluer than before, zaps Rob in a zigzag direction. Suddenly, rob is gone.
“Are you insane?” Alan yells at Flynn. “You killed him! You killed an employee!” Alan cries.
“No! look at the screen.” Alan defends, pointing at the screen. Alan looks at the screen. It reads:

Transfer: . . . success

ROB.USER: Hello? Where am I? What happened? Hello?

Alan looks in amazement. “It . . . Worked?”
Flynn smiles and nods at Alan. “Told you I was right, Alan. Who’s crazy now?”
Alan looks back at the screen. “Can we talk to him through the I/O?”
Flynn nods and starts to type:

FLYNN.USER: Greetings program! You O.K. in there?
ROB.USER: Boss is that you? What did you do to me?
FLYNN.USER: We digitized you. Sorry I didn’t say earlier. You’re doing this company a huge favor by participating in this.
ROB.USER: Um . . . thank you? Look how do I get out of here?
FlYNN. USER: Okay, first tell us what it looks like in there and what you look like and we will zip you right out.
ROB.USER: It looks like the floor is gray and kind of glowing and there are little panels on the wall. They glow different colors. And I look I’m in a gray jumpsuit or something and my arms are covered in . . . armor that has little glow-y parts. I think I’m wearing a helmet.
FLYNN.USER: Good, Were going to get you out now hang on . . .

Tell me what you think!

P.s. I'm Master-cylinder idk what happened with my name


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Re: Fan fic first chaptet (sort of)

on Tuesday, July, 28, 2009 7:46 AM
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 Fan fic first chaptet (sort of)