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on Thursday, November, 19, 2009 9:47 PM
heres the next part enjoy!

“Flynn, I hate to say this, but we’re . . . we’re gonna have to delete Rob.”
“No . . . No . . . NO DAMMIT!” Flynn screams kicking and flying his arms. “Why? Try to fix it do something! Don’t let him die like this!”
“Maybe I can build some sort of quarantine until I can repair him.” Alan quickly spouts.
“Well do something!” Lora finally screams.
Alan turns back to the computer and frantically types in a command for Repair bot.

Rep slowly, receiving his command, prepares himself to try and isolate Rob. Rep starts to type in commands onto his keypad, gently easing himself in Rob’s direction when suddenly Rob spins around at him and grabs Rep’s face in his horribly fragmented hand. His hand, glowing a hideous green, sends infected energy into Rep. Rep screams but to no avail. Slowly Rob loosens his grasp and Rep falls to the floor, his circuitry dark and lightless. Tron, standing nearby sees that something is wrong and he pulls Rep out of the rez-in station barely avoiding Rob’s line of sight. Tron looks into Rep’s dead eyes.
“Rep! REP!” Tron screams shaking Rep’s lifeless body. “No, what in user’s name happened to you?”
Rep’s eyes suddenly flash the quickly they swell into a bright green. His circuitry glows bright green and cracks of this corrupted energy from all over his body. Rep leaps to his feet. He pulls up his arm to his eyes and watches it slowly dissolve and fragment right before him. He smiles, lowers his arm and glares at Tron.
Rep screams at Tron. The scream, a mash of, horrible ear splitting, human and electronic noise emits from his throat. “Away from me conscript!” I serve only my user!”
Tron stumbles backwards and looks at Rep in horror. “Who?, he asks.
Rep stares him down. “The master user: Jameson.”

Mr. Sinistar
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4th chapter

on Thursday, November, 19, 2009 10:28 PM
I'm assuming this is your fourth chapter, so I commented with a topic name, so that your topic becomes linkable on the front page.

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Re: chapter 4

on Friday, November, 20, 2009 11:57 PM
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