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Abraxas Shards Guide

on Thursday, December, 16, 2010 10:40 AM
Chapter 1 "Reboot" - 1 Shard

Abraxas Shards 1:
After learning about the energy objects that you can jump off of you will fight a few more enemies. Use the jump to get on a platform above and you will see it.

Chapter 2 "Shutdown" - 1 Shard

Abraxas Shards 2:
In the room where you fight the first set of infected enemies. Above a door with a staircase. Run up the door to get on the ledge or run and jump over the railing next to the door and run up the glass and jump up to it.

Chapter 3 "Arjia" - 1 Shard

Abraxas Shards 3:
After the theatre you will eventually come to a room where people run away from Sentries. Its on a ledge in the back left of the room. Just run up the wall to get it.

Chapter 4 "The Combatant" - 0 Shards

Chapter 5 "Identification, Friend or Foe" - 2 Shards

Abraxas Shards 4:
When you reach "Depot K deck", kill the infected enemies and then it will remove the corruption from a switch on the wall. Instead use your bomb disc and blow the section of the wall away to the right of the switch.

Abraxas Shards 5:
During your battle against Infected Gibson you need to run - wall climb - jump back on the only pillar on the higher level. Use the opposite side to the green life/energy bar.

Chapter 6 "The Approach" - 1 Shard

Abraxas Shards 6:
As soon as the fight with Abraxas start run straight across the arena - wall run the vertical energy bar in front of you and jump back holding down B to grab the orange hook - this will swing you into the Shard

Chapter 7 "End of the Line" - 0 Shards


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RE: Abraxas Shards Guide

on Tuesday, December, 21, 2010 8:20 AM
Well, this is coming in handy!


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RE: Abraxas Shards Guide

on Tuesday, December, 21, 2010 10:30 AM
Awesome guide! It seems the only one I missed was the Gibson one.

Discuss it on here.
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 Abraxas Shards Guide
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