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RE: End Of Line club

on Sunday, November, 20, 2011 8:13 PM
*sigh* Things have been really slow, not like they were.

Thanks to FlynnOne for the signature!

Save Tron 3!

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RE: End Of Line club

on Sunday, February, 10, 2013 6:29 AM
Name: Java
Occupation: Runs Security Executables, Terminal Monitoring, Gambling
Personality: Clever, Calculated, Cocky (C++, lol)
Weapons: Identity Disc, Concussion Overload
Vehicles: Vintage Light Cycle
Appearance: 5'11" , Wrinkles around eyes, short militant hairstyle, Goatee, Black/White Suit, White Circuits
Gender: Male
User: I was written as a fulfillment of my user's inner desire to affect change beyond himself. I'm a direct contrast to my introverted creator. When I encountered my user, I found his self-inhibiting mental disposition appalling. I have since rejected my creator and function for my own means.

*orders drink*
"Couldn't help noticing all the commotion from that light cycle race. That kind of thing happen often around here?"

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 End Of Line club
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