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 Favorite game soundtracks?

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Favorite game soundtracks?

on Saturday, May, 26, 2012 5:27 AM
I started a favorite composers thread a while ago, so consider this a follow-up of sorts.

List your favorite videogame soundtracks and give us some examples to prove why you like them so much!

With that said, I'll start:

Call of Duty 4

The Call of Duty franchise hasn't exactly excelled in the music department as of late. Black Ops was just a bunch of drones and ambiance, Modern Warfare 3 was a huge collection of unintelligible orchestral hits, and Modern Warfare 2 somehow managed to make Hans Zimmer's work sound like a low budget soundtrack that was thrown together in a MIDI music composition program in a couple of hours. Call of Duty 4, though, had a real soundtrack. Every song contained a trace of the main theme, making the whole soundtrack feel consistent. When I hear a song from this soundtrack, I know it's from Call of Duty 4. The songs perfectly matched up with the events and settings in the game. A particularly memorable level, All Ghillied Up, where you explore the abandoned city of Chernobyl and the surrounding town of Pripyat, while a very heavily scripted level, had me coming back not only because of its stellar cinematic presentation, but because of the amazing soundtrack that accompanied my travels through the abandoned and radioactive wastes. But really, what else could you expect from the composer of Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and 4?

All Ghillied Up (Pripyat)
All Ghillied Up (Abandoned)
Game Over (Jeep Chase)
Batman Arkham City

This is just a really great game. Not just a great licensed game. It's just really great game in general. It's fun, the voice acting is superb, the story is incredibly well-done, and then there's the soundtrack. It sounds like someone mixed the styles of the 1989 Batman movie and the early 90's Batman Animated Series, and infused the result with electronic beats from Hans Zimmer's excellent score for The Dark Knight. It's a soundtrack that will really make you feel like Batman.

Streets of Fire
Gadget theme
Tron Evolution

While I thought the gameplay had some room for improvement, Tron Evolution's development team definitely took a step in the direction, and ended up creating a licensed game that wasn't completely broken or boring like a good number of other ones. While the title screen music isn't by the game's composer, it is worth pointing out that it is the only instrumental version of "The Grid" out there. The rest of the soundtrack (with the exception of a short version of Daft Punk's "Derezzed") was done by the same group that did Mass Effect 2's soundtrack. The result is something that easily captures the atmosphere of The Grid as CLU is expanding his rule, the spreading virus Abraxas, and the intellect of the player character Anon. What I mean by this is that the soundtrack seems to have three distinct styles. While fighting or escaping from CLU's forces, the musical style is sinister and precision. You feel like you're fighting a highly trained military force intent on taking over the world. While fighting Abraxas or other infected programs, the musical style shifts to a more corrupted and static or glitchy variation of the style heard with CLU's forces. The puzzle sequences present the player with music designed to be conductive to thinking about how to proceed to the next area. As a whole, the soundtrack feels diverse and consistent at the same time, and I love it.

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RE: Favorite game soundtracks?

on Saturday, May, 26, 2012 8:44 AM
Hello Tron.dll:

I'd have to say that two of my favorite game soundtracks are the soundtracks that Akira Yamaoka did for the Silent Hill series and the songs for the Fatal Frame Series. First, here's one example of one of my favorite Silent Hill tracks, called Otherside - it has a Booker T & The MGs kinda feel:

Also, can't forget the title track from the first Silent Hill game as well, with the opening cinematic, right here:
Then, there's the theme of Silent Hill 2, called, "The Theme of Laura" which plays in the beginning, as well as the beginning of the Silent Hill Arcade Game:
After that is the theme song for Silent Hill 3, a rockin' number called, "You're Not Here" where Mary Elizabeth McGlynn joins him. Here's an animated music video that Konami created for the game including the star, Heather Mason:
Here's a couple more examples, the themes for Silent Hill 4 and the opening music for Silent Hill 5, respectively:
*Silent Hill 4: The Room**Silent Hill 5: Homecoming opening game music, "Terminal Show"*
Then, there are the creepy, highly imaginative sound experiments that Akira did on some of the tracks, notably such tracks as the opening song for "Silent Hill Origins":
*Silent Hill: Origins "Battle Drums" (full version)*
There's also plenty of other gems on the many soundtracks for the Silent Hill series. I also love the themes, social commentary, creepiness, and the references from other creepy films like, "Session 9", and , "Jacob's Ladder".

Secondly, here's the theme song for a CREEPY game called Fatal Frame (Project Zero 2)2, called, "Chou" by Tsukiko Amano:
. . And the theme song for Fatal Frame III:
. . And finally, the theme song for Fatal Frame IV (English version), which sadly, TECMO only released in Japan - (and yes, I know there's a "version" floating around for U.S. Wii's, but you risk damaging your Wii playing it):

Thanks. End of Line,


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RE: Favorite game soundtracks?

on Monday, May, 28, 2012 2:41 AM
My favorite game soundtracks are the ones from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

An example of KotOR music:

And some music from KotOR 2:

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RE: Favorite game soundtracks?

on Thursday, May, 31, 2012 12:25 PM
For me it would have to be Tomb Raider Legend. And from what has been released for the new Tomb Raider game so far, it looks to be my next favorite.
This one plays all the soundtracks in order.

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RE: Favorite game soundtracks?

on Thursday, May, 31, 2012 2:39 PM
I like the music off of Kinect Star Wars myself.order abortion pill abortion pill buy online where to buy abortion pill


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RE: Favorite game soundtracks?

on Tuesday, June, 05, 2012 4:21 PM
I'm primarily a PC user, but wipeout 3 for playstation was an absolute winner.

The music throughout the game was synonymous to the time period it came out in, and reflected very well what was being listened to by the DJ's and party generation of the time (such as myself :lol), and we're perfect choices for high speed racing in general.

It's hard to find lots of examples of my favourites, but found one I liked a lot.

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RE: Favorite game soundtracks?

on Saturday, June, 09, 2012 5:23 PM

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 Favorite game soundtracks?