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RE: Discs

on Tuesday, July, 31, 2012 6:06 PM
DarthMeow504 Wrote:
KingJ.exe Wrote:In '82, the programs didn't have a lot of personality. Most of them were like the "data pushers", just following their directive, be it their original one, or one that was "reassigned" to them by the MCP. Perhaps Dumont's disk was taken only recently.

Dumont seemed to be merged into that control chair of his, maybe his memory system was in that.

But you're correct in that most programs in TRON didn't have individuality, acting as drones. They probably never left their stations, simply executing their instruction set without any real thought. Yori in fact seemed to be in that state until she came in contact with Tron, when her memory and personality were returned to her. It's entirely possible her data was on HIS disc and was restored to her at that moment.

That jibes with just about everything except the EOL club, where we see a lot of programs with no discs. I have two theories for that.

One, resistance members have shed their System-issued discs to go incognito, just like erasing your ID in government records to become anonymous. No ID in the system, harder to track but you're automatically considered a vagrant.

Of course, that brings up the issue of how can they save data and maintain themselves? Perhaps they hacked a way around it, some other system like a hidden flash drive of sorts they keep on them or even implanted in them that is inaccessible to anyone but them. That would make sense and fit all the facts we know.

Two, EOL is a club and a disc is a weapon. Perhaps all programs that have discs have to check them in with security at the door to prevent bar arguments from escalating into armed combat? That would cover those who aren't specially hacked resistance members AND allow them to blend in while at the club. "Program, where's your disc?" "It's checked in with door security, just like everyone else."

Of course the real explanation is still "it cost too much in prop expenses to give all the extras discs", but this is a workaround that keeps things consistent in-universe.
I really like this theory, especially the second EOL explanation. It seems to make more sense than "Not all programs get disks."

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