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 Taking yourself out of the equation-- yea or nay?

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RE: Taking yourself out of the equation-- yea or nay?

on Saturday, September, 15, 2012 8:54 PM
J Wrote:Contrast with first film where we were given reason to sympathize with the Programs and find wonder in their world among the danger. We see the Programs on their own. Ram's an idealist; his belief in Users doesn't seem as hard-coded as Tron's is, but his treatment of Crom is a character establishing moment and infodump. Ram seems to want to treat everyone like they have a chance of surviving, even when it's clear that he doesn't think Crom's got much of a chance. So, we have a friendly, optimistic, idealistic guy in circumstances that really ought to have killed it. His good nature is an act of defiance in and of itself. And the gut punch with his death? Even as he's de-rezzing, and realizes Flynn's a User, the last thing he begs is not for himself, but "help Tron."

Yes, now that you mention it. We saw very little of the programs themselves. A couple messed-up programs on the Reco, and a couple who betray Sam, and even those get very little screen-time. I wanna see some good guys and stuff.

J Wrote:Given this, why isn't the proverbial pair of nukes and destroying the Program world and declaring The World Will Never be Ready regarding the laser tech the correct, sane response? (Also asking for fanfic purposes; one of the folks in the cast will seriously propose this and take steps to make it happen)

It makes sense to me. But then, I've always been a skeptic about the program/user worlds getting together. The human race is really good at ruining things. Why give them something new to ruin?

In that one clip of mine, it's Alan-- at least in one of the plots I was considering. Alan thinks mixing the two worlds is A Very Bad Idea and even possibly dangerous, and may consider some unsavory things if that's what it takes to stop Sam from continuing his dad's project...

What do you want? I'm busy.

Program, please!

Chaos.... good news.
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 Taking yourself out of the equation-- yea or nay?
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