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 Tron Legacy alternative script-Part III

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Tron Legacy alternative script-Part III

on Thursday, November, 15, 2012 11:22 AM
* Later, we see Clu standing on a platform in the middle of a plaza. Before him are gathered a huge crowd of Programs, HUNDREDS of them.
Clu says he has an important announcement to make, and everyone listens.
He tells them that the Virus, Abraxes, has been defeated! He tells them that Tron has managed to track him down, and in close-combat managed to derezz him.
And has proof of this he holds up a broken shard-a piece of the Disk that belonged to Abraxes, and is now broken apart. When the crowd see this they all cheer, realising that they are now free of the threat of Abraxes and his corrupted Programs.
Clu holds the broken shard up for them to see, and the camera zooms in on it….
….and then we see a flashback, of a moment of time that happened earlier. We see Clu in a large empty room, by himself. The place itself is secluded, and looks old and abandoned. He is standing there, waiting.
Then a second figure walks in. We cannot see him, just hear his footsteps. He walks up behind Clu and DEMANDS to know why he’s been summoned.
Clu calmly turns round to look at him, and has the camera moves round to see what he’s looking at-and it’s Abraxes! Clu tells him that “the Game has changed”, and that “the old Rules no longer apply”.
They talk, and has we do we (the audience) learn the truth-that it was CLU who created Abraxes, so that he can create havoc in the System, and that the fearful public would turn to Clu for a solution (which would increase his own popularity amongst the Programs).
Clu walks up close to him and whispers “Thank you for all your services, Abraxes, but after careful consideration I have decided to relieve you from active service”.
And in one swift move he rams his Disk into Abraxes’s chest!
“Effective immediately!”
Abraxes is STUNNED, and looks down-to see Clu’s Disk embedded into his chest, and a massive hole that it has created.
He takes one final look at Clu, then collapses onto the ground, dead. His Disk bounces onto the ground and rolls away slightly. Clu walks towards the Disk (crushing the remains of the derezzed Virus underfoot) and picks up the Disk.
Holds the Disk in one hand, and with his other hand he removes his own Disk and strikes it hard….once…twice…and on the third he breaks Abraxes’s Disk in pieces.
With the remains of the broken Disk he takes one last look at the remains of Abraxes, and then walks away, leaving the remains for someone else to find….

The scene goes back to Clu’s public announcement, and the broken Disk he’s holding up.
He gently gestures for the crowd to quieten down, and when they are quiet he says that he has another announcement to make, a more serious one.
He says that, sadly, whilst he was fighting Abraxes Tron ended up being corrupted himself, and is now turned Renegade!
The crows react badly to this and some to calling out in disbelief. Expecting this, Clu activates a large view screen behind him, and on that screen we see images of Tron breaking into the Hidden Prison and attacking the Guards.
(What the crowd DON’T realise is that the images they are seeing have been carefully EDITED by Clu so that they only see what he WANTS them to see-any images of Flynn being rescued are NOT shown, just Tron’s attacks).
The crowd are dismayed, and shocked.
Clu makes his declaration clear-Tron has now become corrupted, and for the sake of Public safety any contact with him (or any of the other Renegades he’s now corrupted) is FORBIDDEN, and that from now on anyone who has information about his location and activities are to report them immediately.
Furthermore, anyone helping or assisting him or the Renegades will now be charged with TREASON and executed!
The crowd is now unsettled by this, and worried.

Elsewhere we see a small empty room. There is a large view screen on the wall, and on it we see the speech that Clu is giving.
In front of the screen Tron is watching the broadcast, and he is downcast has he is watching it, for now he has to accept the inevitable truth:

He and Flynn are now FUGITIVES, and are now destined to spend the rest of their years in exile.
Flynn walks up behind him and places a hand on his shoulder to reassure him. Tron turns and looks at him, and they walk away.

And so the Uprising begins….


* Meanwhile, Clu is on his Command Ship, and he is angry. He demands to know what happened to the Recognizers he had on standby.
Jarvis steps forward and tells him that the Recognizers had been sabotage, most likely by the Renegades.
* Clu looks at him in disbelief, and demands to see. On a view screen behind them Jarvis calls up an image of the Recognizer bay, and we see some Sentries standing guard.
* He zooms in on a part of the image-and hiding behind some cargo containers we see what looks like one of Clu’s Officers, trying to avoid being seen by the Sentries.
* Clu looks at it for a moment, then asks Jarvis to pull up an image of the Lightrunner at the Arena. Jarvis does, and zooms in on the Lightrunner. The two images are then placed side by side.

Clu: “Is that…who I think it is?”.
Jarvis: “Er…yes sir. We believe it’s him”.
Clu: “I might have known”.
And we can see that in both images, it’s the SAME Program!

* Back at Flynn’s hideout, Flynn has gathered all the Free Programs together, and is going to tell them of what he’s going to do.

Here’s the plan:

Prior to sending the Page to Alan a group of Free Programs (under Tron’s leadership) have managed to steal a Lightjet from a military outpost and hidden it inside a secret hideout, safely away from Clu’s forces.
Now that the Portal has been opened (thanks to Alan receiving the Page and activating the Laser), both Flynn and Sam will take the Lightrunner and drive to the secret hideout and find the stolen Lightjet.
Meanwhile, a group of Programs will make there way across the Outlands towards the Sea of Simulation and head towards the outpost the is located not too far from the Portal (this is the same Outpost that is seen in the flashback sequence, and raises Tron’s suspicions). Once there they will go into hiding and WAIT for the signal.
By this time the Lightjet has been found both Flynn and Sam will then fly it straight towards the Portal. This, however, will bring them close to the outpost, and when they see the signal the Free Programs will launch a ‘fake’ attack on outpost, which will basically be a minor skirmish-the aim is not to defeat or destroy it, but just to keep the Guards attention long enough for the Lightjet to fly pass and avoid being detected.
Once they have confirmation of the Lightjet having bypassed the outpost undetected the Free Programs (assuming they’ve survived) will immediately fall back.
Then it’s just a case of the Lightjet landing at the Portal and Flynn & Sam can go home.
And then Flynn can begin the process of shutting down Clu and his forces in the real world.

* Now that everyone knows what to expect (especially Sam) it’s time for them to leave. Flynn thanks everyone for all the help and support they’ve given him over the years, and is very grateful. He says goodbye to them, and promises them that once Clu has been taken care of on the Outside, he WILL return one day.
Flynn and Sam get in the Lightrunner and drive away across the Outlands.
* However, the journey is not as easy has they thought-as they are driving across the Outlands Sam sees something in the sky, and points to it, something big.
* Has it gets bigger we can see what it is, and it’s a Recognizer! By the time they realise what it is it’s too late-the Recognizer has spotted them, and changed course to intercept.
* Has it approaches the Guard at the controls reports back to Clu’s Command Ship that there’s an unauthorised vehicle travelling in the Outlands. Clu asks the Guard to identify it, and when the Guard does they confirm that it IS the same one at the Lightcycle Arena.
Without a moments thought, Clu orders the Guard to DESTROY it, and the Guard obeys and starts shooting at it.
* On the ground Flynn speeds through the Outlands, with the Recognizer in hot pursuit. He swerves violently to avoid the fire from the Recognizer, and manages to avoid it (just).
* But things get worse-in the distance they see two more Recognizers heading they’re way, trying to support the pursuing Recognizer. Flynn steers the Lightrunner away from them in a new direction, and the pursuing Recognizer changes course too, and is joined by the two others has well.
* Flynn is now hurtling through the Outlands desperately trying to avoid being hit by the Recognizers that are following them. Up ahead they see a deep canyon, with a bridge wide enough for them to travel across. Flynn puts his foot down and they head straight for it…
…..but has they get there they see something large looming out of the canyon, which turns out to be another Recognizer!
* They watch in dismay has the fourth recognizer turns and shoots at the bridge, destroying it. Has the remains of the wrecked bridge tumbles down into the canyon Flynn breaks hard to avoid going over the edge, and skids right up to the edge, the wheels spinning widely on the edge.
* He steers hard left, and starts travelling along the edge of the Canyon. The Recognizers change course, and continue firing.
* Up ahead the se something big on the horizon, and start heading towards it. Has they get nearer they see it’s the City, and head towards it. Has they cross the huge bridge into the City one of the Sentries spots them (and the Recognizers) riding past.
* Fortunately for them, the Recognizers find it difficult to maintain the pursuit through the City at that speed, and to avoid a collision through the narrow winding streets they break off the chase and fly away.
* Flynn and Sam are relieved to see them go, and they slow down. However, they realise that Clu’s forces now recognize the Lightrunner, so they decide to abandon it in a dark, empty alleyway and proceed on foot.
They turn off into an abandoned alleyway, and when they pull up they get out and run.
* Meanwhile, the Recognizers have reported back saying they’ve abandoned the high-speed pursuit due to the dense City terrain, and although Clu’s annoyed by this, he contacts the security forces in the City and placed them on high alert, and to start looking for the Lightrunner.

* Back at Flynn’s hideout some of the Programs are standing around talking. Some of them are nervous, and wondering if the Plan will actually work. Tron is there, and he tries to reassure them to have faith in Flynn, and to believe that, has a User, he can save them from Clu’s tyranny and bring order to the Grid.
Even so, some Programs are not entirely convinced….
* Back in the City, Flynn and Sam have been running through the streets and roads for a while now, and in a dark alleyway stop and rest a moment.
The WHOLE City has been placed on alert now-the streets are now swarming with Guards and Sentries looking for them, and moving around without being seen is proving difficult. Flynn is worried, because time is running out!
* After they catch they’re breath, they walk down towards the end of the alleyway, and they arrive in a large industrial zone. From there position they can see a Solar Sailor being loaded with cargo, and having sneaked passed the Sentries on duty they creep onboard.
* Quietly, Flynn accesses the navigation controls to see where they are going, and discovers that the Solar Sailor is heading almost right passed where the stolen Lightjet is hidden! They decide to ride the Solar Sailor straight out the City, and jump off when they get to they’re destination.
The Solar Sailor takes off, with Flynn and Sam onboard.

* Back on Clu’s Command Ship two of the Sentries in the City have just reported back to Clu that they have found the Lightrunner abandoned in an alleyway, and they are tracing it back to it’s point of origin. Clu is very satisfied with this, and immediately orders Rinzler to organise a strike force. Rinzler nods in obedience and walks away, and we see the Command Ship fly out of the City and out into the Outlands.

* Has the Solar Sailor flies through the air Flynn and Sam talk. They talk about how the worlds changed since Flynn’s been gone, and of all the things that they are going to do when they get back.

* Back at Flynn’s hideout, Tron and the other Free Programs are waiting inside, and they anxious about whether or not it would work, and if Flynn and Sam would even survive. Despite their concerns, Tron tries to reassure that the plan WILL work.
* High in the sky above, onboard his Command Ship, Clu prepares to launch an attack against the Hideout. Onboard are a squadron of his elite Black Guard waiting for the right moment to strike, and are being led by Rinzler.
When the time is right, Clu launches the attack with just one simple word:
And with that Rinzler and the Black Guard jump from an open launch bay under the ship and parachute down to the ground.
* Once they land on the ground they move fast-within moments they’ve found the hidden entrance and blown it open with explosives, before moving in and overpowering the Free Programs guarding it. Once the entrance is secure they move further in.
* By now the Programs are aware of the intruders, and prepare for combat. Has Rinzler and the Black Guard burst in through the door to the main room the Free Programs (lead by Tron) fight back. (“RESIST!”).
* The brawl that occurs is bitter. Both sides put up a strong fight against their enemies, but despite their best efforts the Free Programs soon realize that they are outmatched and out numbered.
Has Clu’s forces slowly push them into the centre of the room (and with yet more Black Guard being sent in has reinforcements) Tron quickly realizes that they cannot win this fight.
Surrounded on all sides by superior numbers, Tron reluctantly orders the other Free Programs (those that are still alive) to surrender. Realizing that they have no choice, they reluctantly agree, and throw down their weapons and replace their Disks.
* Once he is satisfied that the area is secured Clu then enters the facility. In the middle of the room, on their knees with their hands on their heads, are the survivors, including Tron. Clu looks at them with contempt, whilst Tron stares back at him with anger.
* Clu turns to one of the Black Guard and asks for a report, and the Black Guard tells him that out of the twelve Programs found here four of them were derezzed during the fight, three fled into the Outlands (there are now search parties out there looking for them) and the reminder have now be taken hostage. Clu smiles, he is quite pleased with the progress they’ve made.
* The hostages are formed into a line, and Clu walks slowly along them, looking at each one in turn. None of them look at him.
* At the end is Tron, and Clu stops and looks at him. Tron just looks back. Clu moves in close to him, and says quietly “Where is he?”.
Tron says nothing.
Clu then asks again, but this time to all of them. “WHERE IS HE?”
Again, no one answers.
“Fine. If no one is willing to tell me, I’ll just look for myself”.
He looks at one of the Black Guards standing near by, and nods towards Tron. “Disk”. The Black Guard removes Tron’s Disk and gives it to Clu, who scans through it-and in so doing discovers EVERYTHING that they’ve been planning. When he’s finished he looks back at Tron.
“Well, I must say you’ve certainly been keeping yourself busy, haven’t you Tron”.
“From what I’ve seen, Clu, I’m not the only one around here whose been busy”.
* Clu looks at him for a moment, then turns to the Black Guard and says “Take him back to the Rectifier, I’ve got something special planned for him”. He takes one last look at Tron has he is dragged away by two Guards, his hands in restraints, then turns and walks out the room.
* Has he leaves one of the Black Guard comes up to him and asks “But sir, what about the others?”.
Clu looks back at them for a moment, turns back to the Guard and simply says “They are of no use to me” before walking away.
* The Black Guard understands, nods back towards the other Guards. They fan out, and get their weapons ready.
Some of the hostages cry out in fear, but it is too late-from one of the hostages point of view, we see a Black Guard standing over them, looking down, weapon in hand.
And has the hostage cries out, we see the Guard raise his weapon high and bring it down onto him…
…..and then there is blackness.
From the outside we see Clu’s Command Ship fly away from the location of Flynn’s Hideout….
…..and moments later it explodes in a huge fireball has the bombs are detonated.

* Afterwards, onboard his Command Ship Clu receives a report from one of the Sentries in the City-a Program spotted Sam and Flynn boarding one of the Solar Sailors before it took off, and Clu wants to know which one. Jarvis gives him a pad with the identity of the Solar Sailor, it’s current location and projected course.
* Clu reads the data, and after he thinks for a moment he says to Jarvis “What’s the status of the Rectifier?”
“The Rectifier is fully operational and on standby. Why Sir?”
Clu smiles at him. “I’ve got an idea…”.

* Has Flynn and Sam are onboard the Solar Sailor the control panel suddenly starts beeping. They walk over to it, and has they look at it a warning light suddenly appears. Sam asks him what’s going on, and Flynn says that there’s a power surge coming up at them from behind, REALLY FAST!
From a distance we see a massive energy ball hurtling along towards the Solar Sailor. Sam and Flynn hang on, and when it hits them the whole Solar Sailor shakes violently, and the Sailor begins to slow down.
* Flynn becomes worried, and Sam asks him what’s going on. Flynn taps away at the control screen but to no effect-he tells her that they’ve been locked out of the controls, and are losing power!
He taps desperately at the dead controls, but it’s no good-the ships losing power, and has the onboard lights and systems flicker it slowly grinds to a halt.
* But that’s the least of their worries. Far in the distance behind them there is a dense fog, and has they look closer they see bright lights emerging from the fog.
And then they see what it is-it’s the Rectifier, emerging from the fog! It’s riding along the beam of light, and they realise then that it was the Rectifier that sent the energy pulse along the beam of light and disabled the Solar Sailor.
* Onboard Sam and Flynn are helpless. Trapped aboard the powerless Sailor there is nothing they can do to stop the Rectifier has it gets closer, and within minutes the Rectifier is upon them, and the Solar Sailor is dragged into it’s massive cargo bay. Sam and Flynn hide.
* Has the Sailor grinds into it’s final place aboard the Rectifier units of Sentries board it and begin looking for them, and so Sam and Flynn sneak off before they are seen.

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 Tron Legacy alternative script-Part III