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 TRON UPRISING my own thoughts

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Ghost Rider

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TRON UPRISING my own thoughts

on Monday, December, 10, 2012 7:58 PM
TRON Legacy: Flynn tells Sam there is unrest and a revolution is forming that may kick CLU out of power. However no mention of Beck and TRON was changed into Rinzler.

TRON UPRISING: this is where the revolution starts; Beck's actions have stirred up the programs and unrest is forming, however cowardice seems to be second nature to many of the programs as they still fail to realize that if they stand united against CLU they could unseat him as leader of the Grid. Hence the revolutions is still mainly background noise for lack of a better term as we see in Legacy.

We've learned how CLU's repurposing process makes programs loyal to him but at the cost of personality. We've also seen that when a program is separated from their disc for too long their memories fade to the point where their mind is blank and their personality all but gone, then snap on ANOTHER disc and they are given a new set of memories and personality.

In Legacy, Rinzler had two discs, one of which was his TRON disc the other was the Rinzler disc. I suspect that TRON gets captured and split from his disc, CLU or Dyson will put a block on the disc so that when clipped on his back, TRON won't regain his memories. After his memories fade they clip on the Rinzler disc which contains a more ruthless personality that is loyal to CLU, and also setup other ways for CLU to keep Rinzler/Tron under control. So now CLU has the best warrior program ever at his control yet at the same time TRON's memories are buried beneath the Rinzler shell program. In Legacy, Rinzler vs Sam after Sam retrieved his fahter's disc. Rinzler loses BOTH discs and didn't appear to have them when he saw Flynn and Flynn asks "TRON! What have you become?!" This then jolts TRON's memories back and he fights back against CLU.

We've also seen in UPRISING that memories on a disc can be altered though the process isn't easy.

Also that discs can be split into two segments, one that controls appearance which is what gives Beck the white TRON armor, the other piece is likely what stores memory and personality.

Beck is good in a fight, but as many have stated he is no TRON. Though he has fought Paige, Pavel and Tessler three times and survived, part of that has been luck, part of it is quick thinking and part of it is outside help. The main flaw in this series is that we all KNOW what is coming: TRON will fall and Rinzler will arise and CLU will dominate the entire Grid. We just don't know all the hows and whys as of yet. (Same as when the first Star Wars prequel came out).

This is speculation but I wouldn't be surprised if the series ends with TRON turning into Rinzler and being ordered to hunt down and destroy the Renegade. Right now, CLU and Dyson think the Renegade really IS TRON as Dyson never saw Beck, but eventually they will find out.

As to TRON's damage, As an engineer I would think that Beck and perhaps with Abel's help could analyze TRON and remove the sabotage that Dyson did to him, then TRON's wounds can fully heal and he won't perish without constant recharging. Problem is that CLU cannot be beaten in hand to hand combat as he is a user/program hybrid and is stronger then Flynn or TRON. Only user power can end CLU whether it is on the Grid or in our world on the keyboard.

I also wouldn't be surprised if it is revealed at one point that the father and son team of Dillinger had a hand in what happened to Flynn, CLU and the Grid.order abortion pill where to buy abortion pillwhere to buy abortion pill buy abortion pill onlineabortion pills online abortion pill online purchase cytotec abortion


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RE: TRON UPRISING my own thoughts

on Tuesday, December, 11, 2012 11:05 AM
I think the ending of Uprising is pretty clear when you think about it.

First thing to consider: Tron becomes Rinzler. We've already decided that it's not Beck or anyone else. So that is DEFINITELY going to happen sooner or later.

Second thing to consider: The Uprising was still around in Legacy. It was just barely beginning to spread to Tron City when Legacy happens. We see Bartik and Hopper (Kosinki confirmed that one of the programs around Bartik in the EoL club was Hopper) in the EoL club trying to get Zuse's help, telling him that the revolution was building, and the factions were uniting.

So, my opinion on how the series ends on a good note:
Number 1: Tron becomes Rinzler. Downer.
Number 2: Beck stands up and continues the Uprising in Tron's place, just like Tron wanted.
Number 3: Cutler (From The Renegade two-parter) has been recruiting rebels, which organize themselves in their respective cities, forming the factions that Bartik talks about.
Number 4: Bartik is sent by Beck (who's duties keep him in Argon for some reason) to unite the factions, and call them together, feeling that they have enough manpower to retake the Grid. Unfortunately, Bartik falls in EoL as seen in Legacy.

This way, the series can end on a lighter note, while still not contradicting Legacy anywhere.

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RE: TRON UPRISING my own thoughts

on Wednesday, December, 12, 2012 9:28 AM
Ghost Rider Wrote:This is speculation but I wouldn't be surprised if the series ends with...
I hate to bring "reality" back into this, but...
Charlie Bean has already claimed 18 episodes have been finished. We've seen 11 of them. He also said that there's plenty of "material" done for "another season". Regardless of whether Disney splits the existing episodes into 1, 2 or even 3 more seasons (kinda hard now since there is only 7 left), this series is no where close to ending. Of course, that's good and bad. I'm fairly confident that the remaining 7 episodes (or the last episode produced so far) will NOT show Tron becoming Rinzler. There's a good chance the remaining 7 episodes won't show anything "bad" happening to Beck, but anything's possible for "Charlie Bean's next season".

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 TRON UPRISING my own thoughts