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 New Uprising episodes to be shown in UK. :)

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New Uprising episodes to be shown in UK. :)

on Saturday, January, 05, 2013 6:23 AM
Last night I was checking the TV schedules, and I found that they are showing NEW episodes of Uprising on Disney X D in the UK this week!

Here's the schedule:

Price of Power.
Monday, 8pm

The Reward.
Tuesday, 8pm.

Scars Part 1.
Wednesday, 8pm

Scars Part 2.
Thursday 8pm

Friday, 8pm

I've been waiting a long time for this!


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RE: New Uprising episodes to be shown in UK. :)

on Friday, January, 25, 2013 12:04 PM
I have to say this series really is quite BRILLIANT!

I have genuinely looked forward to watching each episode (in most cases more then once).
For me it’s the little details and scenes that I like-Mara dancing in the Nightclub (which I could happily watch for ages ), the way they occasionally use the speeded up time-lapse images of the City to show the passage of time in that world, which does give it a sense of ‘normality’ in that world, the way certain environments (like the Train Station, the Nightclub, the Dockyards, etc) are designed to reflect the same environments in our world and still remain ‘Tronified’ etc.

In the episode Isolated for example we actually see a part of Paige’s past, and the scene where she plays that music for Quorra and Aida. What strikes me about this scene is the SUBTLETY of it all, and I actually found it quite ENCHANTING to watch.

Someone even posted that clip on Youtube for everyone to watch:

This is just one of MANY small scenes that I actually found unforgettable purely because of the INTERMITE nature of the scene. Scenes like these really bring out the close, HUMAN nature of these characters for me.

Also, the character development throughout has been really well done. From the start we’ve seen these characters (both good and bad) evolve and grow, and achieve their own identities and personalities.
If truth be told, it’s getting to the stage where I actually feel like I’m actually beginning to KNOW them has real people (even the bad guys), which is amazing when you consider that it’s just an animated show!

Of all the characters for me, personally, Paige has been the most interesting to watch. When we first saw her in the first episode it’s natural to assume that she was just a typical ‘Bad Guy’, but since then I’ve seen the depth of her personality really come out-she’s not just one of Tesla’s soldiers, but an individual with thoughts and feelings of her own, and over time you realise (like Beck) that she isn’t quite the cold, hard warrior that she first appeared to be, and deep inside she is actually more emotional then most people realise.
The way she and Beck interact with each other in the later episodes-like the ‘date’ at the Pool tables or just admiring the view from the top of the bridge for example-are really well written, and a big credit to the writers for creating such rounded characters.

I also want to give full marks for the story writers themselves, because the scripts they come up with are equally just has good. Some of the stories, plots and themes are really quite intelligent and deep, and there’s been some really interesting (and often unexpected) plot-twists in these stories (some of which actually did take me by surprise!)
I agree with a lot of people that for a children’s animated show this is really aimed at a more mature audience then young children.

I also agree with what’s been said about Scars: Parts 1 & 2, in that these two episodes are one of the highlights of the entire series. The way they’ve added so much detail to the franchises overall timeline and STILL manage to avoid screwing it up in the process is marvellous.

One of the things that really strikes me is the way they keep coming back to the scene of the Betrayal-the scene in Legacy confronts Tron and Flynn, attacks them, Flynn runs off and Tron is (supposedly) killed.
This was the third time they’ve emphasised that part of the story (the first was in Legacy, the second was in Evolution when Quorra and Anon witnessed it, and now in Uprising too, although this time they included Dyson has one of the chief Guards and was also present when it happened, along with Tron’s capture, torture and attempted Repurposing).
I like how they keep emphasising the particular scene as being one of the cornerstones of the entire 30 year timeline of the franchise, and that that particular scene is now one of the key turning points of the overall storyline.

I also like the episode with the train. The way they’ve written an entire 20 minute episode that takes place entirely on a speeding train was actually quite clever.
(Another interesting thing about that episode-which didn’t occur to me until the end-was that, given that this series was mostly about Tron, the Renegade and the Uprising, to write an episode where NONE of those things were strongly emphasised was, again, quite a clever piece of writing ).

I have to say it has been a real joy watching how the whole story arc of this series has folded out and been developed on a episode-by-episode basis. I like how they’ve treated this the same way they treated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in that they have been using this series in order to ‘fill-in-the-gaps’ that was established in what we saw in the movies, and also add more ‘information’ about certain characters and / or scenes that fans might have been asking themselves. (Scars 1 & 2 are really good examples of this).where to buy abortion pill ordering abortion pills to be shipped to house buy abortion pill online


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RE: New Uprising episodes to be shown in UK. :)

on Thursday, February, 14, 2013 6:05 PM
Sadly Tron Uprising finished it's 18 episode run here tonight (14/02/13).

However, it does appear that the Disney channel will be re-running the series again, each and every weekday night 8pm as of tomorrow night (15/02/13)


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RE: New Uprising episodes to be shown in UK. :)

on Friday, February, 15, 2013 5:14 AM
Ah, good! It's excellent to hear it placed at a time for some better viewership!

This might offer some hope to see if Disney will truly begin to track it's influence and response, and see that it's a series worth allowing to continue - and especially along it's original developers' intents!

You seem to have quite the developed opinion, Exodus - and it's good to see. Many fans/Programs support Tron: Uprising very deeply. Some of us are also keeping a count of how many letters we've sent to Disney to both express our admiration for the writing and concept of the series, and also to ask that it be allowed a second season (at the least!).

The number of subtleties in Uprising is many, and I can easily say that I like it's nature for that very reason.

Letters sent to Disney: 7
Let them hear 'Tron lives!!'
Daft Tron

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RE: New Uprising episodes to be shown in UK. :)

on Friday, February, 15, 2013 4:13 PM
this is not surprising at all as I had mentioned this in another thread:

Until this is concluded, would I believe that Disney will ultimately decide the fate of the show. It is ironic however that for some apparent reason, the uk favors tron more than what the states does. Thus, here is a good example by what the other poster mentioned regarding a good time frame.

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 New Uprising episodes to be shown in UK. :)
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