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 TRON: Uprising Must Continued

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TRON: Uprising Must Continued

on Sunday, March, 17, 2013 11:14 AM
Greetings, Programs My Name Is Jarod Mighty: leader of the group on facebook.

At the end of episode: terminal, when clu is entering argon city with dyson - how many ships of clu's fleet are there?

Throne Ship: 1
Command Ships (like Dyson's): 68
The UFO-like Ships: 19
Long ships: 11
Light Jets: nearly 45
Recognizers: ??

But How Many Recognizers are there?

And Give Me The TOTAL:

Caution: There on top, middle and below

PS: If any of you fans from across the globe Out There if you help me to save the tv show from cancelling then my life is yours to everyone. just we never got the chance to see ElecTRONica theme Park and have it in England. because we must not let the revolution and the inspiration end before it has a chance to start we must watch episode 8 to 19 its the only goal and create every video messages as soon as possible we must join with these groups and meet the users:

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RE: TRON: Uprising Must Continued

on Sunday, March, 17, 2013 3:06 PM
A curious set of resources, Master.

Most are known here, but there are others that do not seem functional, such as the link to Sean Kay's profile at While it might be beneficial to contact him over various projects or inquiries, there does not appear to be a direct email or other contact information - at least, not to those without a membership with; what access members may have, I do not know.

Second, there are those here who are already involved in some minor activities: sending of physical letters to Disney at the start of each month, every month. We have a thread here in the Tron: Uprising segment for that. Available there are headers, and a background page for letters.
One of the most simple things any group of people can do is each send a letter to Disney. As an object,it counts as a concrete effort. It takes very little resources, and still contributes to a collective choice, at an individual level. Spread the word, if you are able.

Third, we have other activities and projects we are currently working on as we are able. There are books in production to be sent from fan to fan, containing supportive photographs and writing. Eventually those books will be sent to Disney itself. There are light-projectors planned, for use by Tron: Uprising fan groups for videos and visual display to be made into videos and shared via social networks, to spread word and presence of our cause. There are other ideas I have had in mind, such as a large (and then very large) 'Tron Lives' graffiti-style canvas painting, where the back of the canvas is meant to be covered in designated Tweets, emails, notes, and anything from fans - and then sent to Disney accordingly.

For such objects of interest, we would do well to have a correspondent from Disney act as an accepting person to such objects of interest. But so far, there is none; I do not expect one. We also do not know their manner of accepting and processing letters and objects. I presume their processing staff to be reasonably substantial, if not greater.

If you have further thoughts, ideas, cooperative arrangements, or anything at all, do share it here for collective discussion, Master.order abortion pill where to buy abortion pill

Letters sent to Disney: 7
Let them hear 'Tron lives!!'

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RE: TRON: Uprising Must Continued

on Sunday, March, 17, 2013 10:04 PM
yeah the one you said graffitti i called it Operation: TRONify abortion pills online cytotec abortion

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 TRON: Uprising Must Continued
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