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 Tron Legacy Blooper #2.

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Tron Legacy Blooper #2.

on Monday, August, 12, 2013 9:15 AM
I saw a show the other night called Movies Greatest Mistakes: Part 2, in which the host (Robert Webb) guides us through some of the greatest mistakes and bloopers from a wide range of great and classic films, including The Godfather, Transformers, X-Men, Star Trek, etc.
And they did a segment on Tron Legacy (which he jokingly referred to has 'dreary').

There were four mistakes that he highlighted, and they are:

(1) When we see Sam on his bike in the tunnel, he's swerving through the cars. Just above them on the tunnel roof we see some road signs with a big 'X' illuminated on them-thus showing that the tunnel is in fact closed (or the cars are going the wrong way-I cant remember which exactly).
(2) When Sam gets his parachute caught on the street lamp outside the Encom building, he frees it and lands on top a taxi, which swerves to shake him off.
The camera changes angle to show the road ahead, and in the distance we see some police cars enter the street and drive towards them.
And yet, when we see the road ahead again a few moments later, we see the same police cars enter the road again.
The editors appear to have used the same footage twice.
(3) After the Solar Sailor lands on board the Rectifier, Quorra gives Flynn her Disk, says "Goodbye" and runs off. Rinzler sees her, intercepts her and after a brief struggle leads her aware, with Flynn and Sam sneaking off behind them.
When Quorra fights Rinzler, the light strip on her legs is on one side of her body, and yet when we see Rinzler lead her away it's now on the other side-thus indicating that the scene has been flipped (or reversed).
(4) When Clu is giving his speech to the Sentries on board the Rectifier we see a close up of one of the Sentries and see a reflection of Clu in his visor (thus giving the impression that he is IN FRONT of him).
And yet in other scenes we see NO Sentries in front of him-there is just a open path between the formations of Sentries.

I apologize if these have already been mentioned before, but they were knew to me at the time.


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RE: Tron Legacy Blooper #2.

on Wednesday, September, 11, 2013 6:41 PM
Oh hell, that does it: I am never going to watch this movie again. Excuse me while I go home and peel out on the Blu-Ray, smash my blu-ray player with a hammer and shoot my modestly sized 1080p set with a high powered rifle. I'm just kidding. Bloopers are kinda cool in their own way and every major release has them. And FWIW, I specifically bought all of that AV equipment and made sure the TV was 1080p *just* for the purpose of seeing T:L in all it's detailed, hi-def glory. No, really, if not for T:L being released on Blu-Ray, I woulda either gone with something lower resolution or waited to buy that stuff.

I refer to 720p as "ghetto hi-def" or "poor man's hi-def". Even next to a 720 set, a 1080p is WAY sharper. That means 720 is really sort of, by today's standards, just medium def. So if you're going to buy hi-def, please do buy something that is *actually* high def.....a 1080P set.

Another blooper I noticed is that when Quorra shakes Sam's hand in the light runner, the steering handle she was holding on to springs back towards the steering column, yet when she lets it go again when she shifts gears a few seconds later, the same handle not only stays almost in place also flops around a little. order abortion pill where to buy abortion pill


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RE: Tron Legacy Blooper #2.

on Monday, September, 30, 2013 2:08 AM

wow greetings program!
That is very interesting...
the forum has been really dead as of late....

when does Tron 3 come out programs ?

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RE: Tron Legacy Blooper #2.

on Tuesday, October, 01, 2013 12:03 AM
MCPcomputer Wrote:when does Tron 3 come out programs ?

February 30th, 2014. Just confirmed by Disney.
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 Tron Legacy Blooper #2.
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