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The story of CUPRO (with digicons)

on Saturday, October, 19, 2013 11:04 PM
I'm new to the whole fanfic thing, so please tell me how I did. This takes place a bit before TRON through the end of the movie. Anyways, here goes something, here comes nothing
Boom. Here I am. Bright lights, can't see, don't know what's happening. The lights dim, my vision clears, and a wave of memory flows over me. I'm a program. Name's CUPRO. I'm pretty basic, so I won't do much. Woah, how do I already know my purpose? I don't like it here. Some people walk up to me. MCP guards. What's an MCP? Master Control Program. Why do I know all this stuff already? "Let's go," one of them says expectantly. I decide not to argue, and go with them. They put me in a holding cell.
A microcycle later, the same MCP guard comes up and tells me it's time to play a video game. I tell him my user loves gaming.
"Come on, you religious nut, let's go."
So I go.
In the disc arena, my opponent, RECon.exe looks at me and taunts me. "I'm an executable file, so I'm better than you!" I tell him I can shut down his system32 faster than he can load files.
We battle. He throws his disc at me, and I block it. I throw my disc at him , it bounces off a wall and hits his disc . I get my disc back, look at him, and smile, waving my disc at him. Then I toss it at him again and it goes straight through him . I get my disc back and walk out of the arena, accompanied by MCP guards. Back to the holding cell, right? Wrong. Time for Light Cycles. I get on the grid, it's a 1v1 match, and another opponent, eGyPT.bat, looks at me and smiles slightly. I give him a thumbs up. The rod comes up, I grab it, and I get flung into a vertical position as the light cycle materializes. Mine's yellow, his is red.
We come towards each other
and I make a right while he goes left. We're up against each other, then I turn to the right and he goes straight. I make two hard lefts, then a right when I'm close. We're back up
against each other. Then he tries turning to the right to make me hit his jet wall (my reflexes aren't too great) but I'm going too fast. He slams into my jet wall and explodes. I find my way out of there, and my cycle stops. I get out of the cycle, and the guards lead me to a program named Sark. "You are to become a warrior elite of the MCP." I tell him that my user would never approve, and he gets really angry. "SEND HIM TO THE RECYCLING BIN!" The guards try to stop me, but I use my identity disc to stop them. After they're all derezzed, I look at Sark and say, "I'll be back for you. That's a guarantee." He sneers and strides off. I consider coming after him, but I wait. He'll have a bigger army by the time I get to him.
About a gigacycle later...
I meet a program named Tron. He seems nice, and he fights for the users. I tell him I would fight for mine, but my user can take care of himself. I form a bit of a bond with Tron, and after winning a lot of video games, we get put on a 2v2 grid together on the same team. The same thing happens from in the first light cycle game I was in, except with an extra player on each team. Then Sark orders Tron and I to compete together on the Light Cycle grid. We agree to a plan. When we get there, the light cycle goes over me while I'm vertical, and I turn over toward a wall. I took some grips with me and put them in my hands so it grips to the rod. Then I jump out, and the grips keep the cycle from becoming a rod. The cycle crashes into a wall, causing a hole to form. Sark doesn't notice due to the fact that he sees it from a top-down perspective. He calls the game to be over. I run into the hole, and wait for Tron to follow. When he gets there, he deactivates his rod and we run away. But Sark noticed Tron going into the hole. He sends some guards to come get us. We run from them, but they catch up. They grab Tron. Tron yells, "RUN!" to me, but I want to help him. But I follow his orders since that's my purpose, to follow orders. I wonder what's going to happen to Tron. He's going to get executed. I feel anger rise up, and I want to do something. But instead, I go full rogue. I view my surroundings to make sure I know nobody. I stay away from guards. But most importantly, I look for Tron.
About 4 cycles later...
382 microcycles, so approximately 4 cycles. I walk around a bit, and find myself near the I/O tower. I have sniper zoom due to my newfound survival instinct. I spot a bit of light a distance away. I zoom my vision radius outward and see that it's 3 programs. I zoom out some more and see a T shape on one of them. Tron! He made it! But how? Oh, right, he's a video warrior. Maybe if they took his disc away he'd have died. But at least he's alive. Oh, but I can't let him know that I'M still alive. I run off, and hide. I can still see Tron, though. I'll keep a close eye on him.
A microcycle later...
I can't seem to find him. Where is he? I feel... lost... without him. Maybe I'll find him later. I walk around some more, looking for him. I forget to view my surroundings though, and a guard walks up to me.
"Are you CUPRO.bat?"
I shake my head and say no. He scans me, and he takes me away. He plugs me up to this machine, and I feel some life being absorbed from me. I look to my left and see Dumont, the I/O tower guardian. I look up a bit and see Tron. I smile slightly, still in pain.
The MCP says to us, "You will no longer seek communication with your users or other programs. All your functions will belong to me..." I lost some of it due to my hearing fading out and in. I pass out, still on the machine.
When I wake up, I see the MCP's real form. A cylinder with a thinned midsection that forms two cones, one top and one bottom . I also see Sark and Tron fighting. Sark is giant for some reason. Tron throws his disc and Sark deflects it with his hand. Then I see a program (UNKNOWN_PROGRAM) jump into the MCP cylinder. Then the MCP turns blue and Tron throws his disc into the MCP's midsection. I feel a jolt of pain as the machine slowly releases me. Then I look over once the pain stops and I see a chair thing where the MCP once was. I get off the machine and run off, in fear that Tron will see me. To this day I'm still hiding, waiting for the day I can get off this rock. Then, I find out that they're opening up a new place on the Grid.
Tron City.

Hello! I'm CUPRO! (pronounced KOO-proh) Nice to meet you. I like video games, TRON (of course ), and my User, Golden Engi. You can find my user's Steam account at the link below.

TRON 2.0 name: CUPRO.bat
Steam name: Golden Engi
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 Fan Fiction & Art 
 The story of CUPRO (with digicons)