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 Tron Legacy Items For Sale

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Tron Legacy Items For Sale

on Monday, August, 18, 2014 9:29 PM
I am cleaning out much of my collection.  I would rather see it go to another fan. 

All items are new and in their original package unless otherwise noted.

Kevin Flynn White LightCycle - fits the action figures - $10 each (2 available)

Ultimate Sam Flynn - $20 

Kevin Flynn 8GB USB Drive with light and sound - $10 each (3 available)

Series 1 Kevin Flynn Action Figure ($10)

The following are the die-cast vehicles.  $5 each
 - Kevin Flynn's White Light Cycle (7 available)
 - Recognizer (2 available) 
 - Clu's Light Cycle (2 available)
 - Sam's Light Cycle (2 available) 
 - Clu's Sentry's Light Cycle ( 5 available) 
 - Grid Limo (1 available)
 - Three Man Light Jet (1 available) 

The following are the Target 2 piece sets.  $5 each
 - Sam Flynn & Tron Arcade Machine ( 5 available) 
 - Clu & Castor (2 available) 
 - Sam & Siren (2 available) 
 - Black Guard & Vintage Light Cycle ( 2 available) 
 - Black Guard & Rinzler Light Cycle ( 1 available ) 

Tron Gaming Mouse - Box has been opened, but in like new condition - $30 

All items are the price listed + actual postage from Kansas City, Missouri USA.    
I will combine items to save on postage if you purchase multiple items. 

( Items will be sold based on order of private messages received.  ) 



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RE: Tron Legacy Items For Sale

on Tuesday, August, 19, 2014 4:43 PM
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Tron Lives!

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 Tron Legacy Items For Sale
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