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 Does anyone remeber the TV show Reboot?

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Does anyone remeber the TV show Reboot?

on Saturday, October, 18, 2014 10:08 AM
Back in the mid-1990's there was an animated children's show called Reboot, which was one of the first mainstream TV shows to be done entirely by CGI.

The premise is this:

It takes place entirely within the confines of a computor system, which the inhabitents refer to has Mainframe. The main character is Bob, and he comes from 'the Net'. His 'format' (has he calls it) is GUARDIAN, and his task is to protect Mainframe from any potential threat or hazard (sounds familar? ).

There are two main bad guys in this series, and they are Mega-byte and Hexidecimal, and their format is VIRUS. As Viruses they spend most of the series causing trouble and distruption for the inhabitents of Mainframe and Bob tries to defend them with the help of his friends Dot and Enzo.

Occasionally the 'User' will download a game into the system to play, and this appears has a massive purple cube that lands from the sky onto the city of Mainframe in a random location, and that area is effectively sealed off from the rest of the system.
Inside the massive game cube the area of the city it lands in is immediatly reconfigured to resemble the environment of the game in question (fantasy role-play, 1st-person shooter, car racing, etc) and anyone who is caught inside that area when the cube lands is also reconfigured (or 'Rebooted', hence the title) to resemble the characters in that game (although they still retain their individual memories and personality).

If they defeat the User and he loses then the game cube simply raises back into the sky where it comes from, and the inhabitents and the environment is then returned back to normal.

HOWEVER, if the User WINS that game then that part of the city is DESTROYED and the inhabitents there who participated in that game are 'Nullified' (which is an extremely unpleasent fate for them).

I remeber watching this when it was on TV during the 1990's, and at the time it was quite revolutionary for it's day .
I've found a Wikipedia page about the show here:
I've also found the intro sequance to the show on Youtube, which also explains a bit more about it:
Looking at it now, I must say the actual special effects do look rather old now, but 20 years ago it was quite innovate for it's time.

The reason why I'm saying this is because, in all honesty, I had actually completely FORGOTTEN all about the show-it was only recently that something suddenly triggered my memory of it!

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RE: Does anyone remeber the TV show Reboot?

on Saturday, October, 18, 2014 2:48 PM

Yup, I remember Reboot very fondly.  Great show.

It was clearly inspired by TRON, in many ways.  I think there may have even been one or more direct references to TRON.  Not including the fact that there are Users who play games, and the programs in Mainframe have to win the matches or be nullified (de-rezzed).

For the User Error 3 Single Player expansion I've been working on (as part of a team), I've been inspired by some things in Reboot and included them in the missions.  There are subtle, and not so subtle, references to the show.

So the cycle is complete now.

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RE: Does anyone remeber the TV show Reboot?

on Wednesday, June, 10, 2015 3:56 PM
On another forum that I go to one of the members posted this piece of news:


That’s right, ‘90s kids. "ReBoot," that classic animated series from your childhood, is about to glide its way back into your life with 13 hours of new tech-related hijinks.

Broadcaster Corus Entertainment made the announcement at the Banff World Media Festival on Monday and detailed its plan to “reboot the ‘ReBoot’ universe” with 26 new half-hour episodes.

“The new ‘ReBoot’ will feature the same action and comedy mix viewers loved in the original series, but with an updated technological universe that will fascinate a new generation of kids,” said Corus Kids content director Jamie Piekarz in a news release.

TWC/Dimension Television is slated to distribute the series.

Rainmaker Entertainment revealed the new logo and title for the series last year after announcing its Mainframe division had a sequel in development.

Vancouver-based Rainmaker also produced the original series. Company president Michael Hefferon promised the rebooted series — called “ReBoot: The Guardian Code” — will have mass appeal, beyond its original fan base.

New episodes will pick up on the series’ original concept, “with the help of VERA, the last surviving cyberbeing from the original Guardian Programs.”

Focusing on four teens — Austin, Parker, Grey, and Tamra — viewers will follow these “next-gen Guardians” and their fight to save the world by defending it in cyberspace.

“The Internet revolutionized the world, but it also left it vulnerable to attack,” teased a show description.

The original series air premiered on YTV — a Corus network — in 1994. It was heralded as the first-ever CGI animation series at the time.

The show was broadcast to 84 countries worldwide. Its last episode aired in 2001.

A premiere date for “ReBoot: The Guardian Code” has yet to be released


Has someone who remembers (and loved) the original show I am interested to see how this one will turn out.

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 Does anyone remeber the TV show Reboot?
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