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80's like music

on Monday, September, 07, 2015 7:45 PM
I love the magic that 80's had, that special something that yells "Everything is possible no matter how crazy it is", fast forward today, new Tron movie a few years ago, also great, Awesome soundtrack, but then what about us? we love being here, dark rooms, neon lights, electronic music, we need more Tron like music, where do we go from here?

Maybe this is not news to some people around here, but I've just found a bunch of bands with awesome music, this are the names of a few of them: Lazerhawk, Perturbator, Lost Years, and Waveshaper, have you heard about them?

It's like going back there, I love to code and listen to it, it provides a special atmosphere and boosts my mood, feels like being right there at Kevin's office just upstairs the arcade...


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RE: 80's like music

on Wednesday, September, 09, 2015 3:37 PM
I'll tell you one thing, I understand completely where your coming from on this one.

I was born in 79, and spent my entire childhood growing up in the 1980s, and if I'm honest I LOVED it!

The music, the fashion, the social trends and entertainment...

For me personally the 1980's were very much 'my' decade and is the era I can really relate to, and even now I still have HUGE fondness for 80's pop-culture.
And this also includes the electronic synth music that helped define that decades music industry.

For the record, I have heard a bit about Lazerhawk, and have a few of his (their?) tracks on Youtube (last year I went onto Youtube and typed '80's Synth music' and it came back with Lazerhawk and a selection of similar artists).

I quite like some of that work myself, and one song that stands out for me is Future Noir by Noir Deco. This sounds FANTASIC, and if you like Synth music you might want to check it out.

May I also suggest the following 80's synth sounds?

Flash Gordon.
* Originally composed by Queen for the 1981 film (which in itself received mixed response by both critics and fans alike), the soundtrack features some really beautiful synth sounds, a strong reflection of the music industry at the time.
In fact when I first heard it when I was watching the film a few months ago I literally GASPED when I heard how beautiful it was!

Bladerunner.* Directed by Ridley Scott back in 1982, like Flash Gordon it didn't really do too well at the cinema, but has since gone on to achieve something of a cult following since then.
I personally LOVE this film, and I've got the 2-Disk Collectors Edition of the Directors Cut, an ORIGINAL VHS Cassette tape version (pre-Directors Cut) and the Soundtrack album on CD.

The music was composed by Vangelis, and features many synthesizer music, some of which is almost HAUNTING in it's beauty and ambiance.  
The tracks that stand out for me on this soundtrack are Main Titles, Blush Response, Wait For Me, Bladerunner Blues, and the End Titles. 

* Which brings us onto Vangelis himself.

Not only did he compose the music for Chariots of Fire (perhaps his most famous work) but also Bladerunner mentioned above.
But, he's also done some of his own work and released his own albums, often collaborating with Jon Anderson.

Again, his craftsmanship of synthesizer sounds in his music (mostly from the very early 80's) is AMAZING, and like the Bladerunner soundtrack it's also both haunting and enthralling in equal measure.
All three of these can be found on Youtube, and I think that you might really quite enjoy them.


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RE: 80's like music

on Tuesday, July, 25, 2017 12:15 PM
As for me, 80's music is one of the best. Beautiful times for the music it was!


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RE: 80's like music

on Saturday, August, 05, 2017 7:05 AM
Was listening to Pick of the Pops on Radio 2 the other afternoon, and they played this little beauty from 1983.

Come Live With Me by Heaven 17:

Has a huge fan of 80's pop culture this to me is just so COOL! 

I just had to sit there in silence and just listen to it!

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 80's like music
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